Out of the box questions


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Out of the box questions


Okay, so if berzerk converts EVERY BIT OF DAMAGE to magical, what would the ebst setup be? I was thinking a dual dream with a hand of justice to get the high holy shock/fire aura, then tiamat's rebuke for higher ele damage, war travs and any lesser bit of elemental damage.

Or would poison be good too? Phesably, if I can use a 6 socketed sword to add 100 poison dmg over x secondswith p emerald, wouldn't that be better than a grief's 400 ish + damage?

Bows + Druids:

What happens if you turn into a werewolf or werebear while wielding a bow? You would use the normal attack right? Then the damage of the bow would turn into your regular attack, and if that is true, wouldn't the best weapon be a Windforce, since it has the highest maximum damage of any weapon?

Lightning Fury:

I checked on single player, and the difference from maxing ONLY lightning fury and maxing it with synergies was about 600 (900 w/o -1500 w/). So would it be more useful to only max fury? I was thinking of making a good cow runner. I figure maybe I can max the poinson javalin skills so they all get hit, then take em down with lightning. When that is done, i still have 50 skill points to use, maybe on valk or max multiple shot to use for leech/cold/knockback effect. Thoughts?



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I can only speak on Lightning Fury as I don't have experience with the other scenarios.

Yes you could get by with maxing only Lightning Fury, many people do this for hybrid builds. However Poison Javalin is not going to do you a whole lot of good against the cows. Lightning Fury will be many times more effective by itself (as the cows aren't immune).

You will however need to have as close to 100% Pierce as possible to make Lightning Fury effective, so several skill points will need to be spent there. Perhaps not maxed if you have a Razortail belt, so you will need to calculate how many points to spend with your final equipment.

Note: The other Lightning skills are normally maxed not really as synergies for Lightning Fury but for use while questing (at least that's why I did it). For the very reason you mentioned, they don't really add very much to Lightning Fury (1% per level I believe).


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Beserk still does the listed melee damage of the weapon, just like vengeance. I have no idea why you seem to think poison would be better than grief. Poison is only useful if you attack very slowly. I'm pretty sure Beserk converts physical damage to magic damage, forget all that elemental stuff.

Yes, you bash things with the bow essentially. I have no idea who told you windforce has the highest possible max damage, there's certainly several runewords that can do better. Not to mention its horrible min damage makes it a moot point. It also requires huge dex.

Few people max fury's synergies. Plague jav is going to take something like 15 seconds to do its damage, which is nice for groups with some lightning immunes, but against cows it's going to be much faster to just throw another fury. People generally max valk, get their pierce to 100% if they have razortail, lots in CS, some in d/a/e. I'd recommend that lightning skill that releases charged bolts. It will be very handy against bosses where fury is pretty worthless.