Other pc games U play...


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Other pc games U play...

I was a huge Unreal Tournament player....for those that played, I enjoyed Low grav instagib. Trying to get into Call of Duty right now, but what I'm really waiting on is Half-Life 2.

1st person shooters keep the adrenaline pumping :cool:


Well, I don't play Diablo 2 anymore, Diablo 2 is not a game that I play! I feel that I should have said this long ago (this being "I do not play DIABLO 2).

I bet HL2 will be better then Doom 3, as I think that ID will ruin the whole Doom feel by making it into another AI fest with few oppodents. It is much easier to kill 2 people who, because of "intelligent" AI just want to "hide behind a box" then it is to kill 30 Imps who just want to rip the flesh off your bones! :love:


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I recently got into Tribes 2. It's an incredible FPS game, I think. :clap: Also doing Baldur's Gate 2 online with my brother and his friend. I also need to get around to finishing Torment...

EDIT: I can't wait for Doom 3.


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hmmm. I'm into a lot of video games, Currently playing, NFSU , Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights. Unreal 2, and of course diablo :D, kinda playing a little of this and a little of that while I pray i get selected for WoW beta hehe, Signed up and waiting.


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As of now Diablo 2. Because every other game sucks donkey balls.

I had to revert to GBA (because I don't own ANY console) games like Metroid Zero. Oh yeah I don't own a GBA either ;P

No PC game out there is worth playing that much. I mean the last decent games that came out were Max Payne 2 and Need For Speed Underground. And that lasted about ... a week a piece.

Waiting for True Crimes in LA, UT2004, Halflife 2.
I didn't build this new machine to balance my books. :p


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Schwhat said:
I had to revert to GBA (because I don't own ANY console) games like Metroid Zero.
Metroid Zero? :scratch:

Anyway, Aliens vs Predator 2, Unreal Tournament 2003, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, lots of arcade emulators (Street Fighter Alpha 3 a lot lately), Baldur's Gate 2.