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*unco-pk (unc(o=zero)-pk)

jacked me today
i'm very happy to ask that you should all msg him and tell him if you ever see him around that you will kill and nk him every chance you get, and try to make his body pop, maybe he'll die IRL. BAN ME

char name "hammer_boi"

oh and the story is we were friends for quite some time, i /f msged all my buddies to see if they though my nice enigma mage plate was worth 2 vex, he said hey join a game i'll give you 2 vex for it, i said ok, being friendly as i am, he talked me into letting him try it on, then he leaves and comes back saying, what? wait what happned while i was gone? oh man he jacked someone agani!? blah blabh blah, whatever......


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When will you learn Jer... I'm the only person you can trust on bnet. :lol:

I'm sorry for your loss though.


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Come to think of it.. if he wanted to try out your enigma you should have asked to try out his vex's for a bit... but I still feel you man..
another scam to watch out for is the one a guy did on my buddie jay which didn't fool anyone but its tricky.

He went into a game and noticed that my friends and i were talking, then he leaves and makes a new account with a letter or number switched.

so instead of being my friends account applepie23 for example (not real account)

the scamer comes on as applepie22 or something. Tells you that he made new account and to add to f list. THis might be hard to tell if its ur buddy or a scamer at first. But ask some key quesions and they will know u found out.

Then they said that let me see your Nigma or what ever. and then ur items are gone. :rant:

jay and me figured this out quick when the THEIF didn't know our real names. lol...

thats y we use code names in pub games lol..

watch out for this one.

It almost worked on other people i've heard, tell me the similar things.


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Farnham_the_Drunk said:
Is this on west ladder? I have a huge chain of friends that would be more than willing to tear him a new bum cover.. I hate scammers

its west non-ladder

and dont have any sympathy for me cuz It was definately my fault, I just hate that there are people like that that would do something like steal an enigma that I worked over 6 months to get. If i ebayed i could care less lol!!

anyways, yeah i removed him, but he still msg's me saying "haha cry about ur enigma, ur momma!!" and all that nooblar stuffs haha

oh well :)
I know wat you feel like. Some kid i knew for quite a bit just took my runes outa nowhere. Oh, man you shoulda heard me insult everything he stood for, it was hilarious. THen i found him again a month later, and he didnt dare duel me...lmao! Ill try and screw your guy tho. :clap:


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coo, im glad i got some backup!! :)

well anyways, there should be some type of forum or something where we can list these theives provided we have some proof (yes i did take a screen shot of him laughing at my loss and his gain for purpose of proof of me not falsely accusing), that would be so cool, but i dont think anyone cares enough haha, not that i do, but it would be fun to have certain idiot's acc names on black lists to prevent their future 'friends' from getting jacked so they could do some sort of 'background' check lol!! haha just wishful thinking :)