OT - Your forum name


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OT - Your forum name

I was just wondering: Where did you guys all take your forum name from?

Mine is taken from the Lord of the Rings which I had even read before the movies came out! :) The Huorn once were Ents but have become more treeish over the last couple of hundreds of years. Treebeard wakes them to dispose of Saruman.

I only chose the name because I was so happy, that I'd found a name from the Lord of the Rings which wasn't taken yet! :lol:


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Well, whilst there are many possible explanations, the most plausible one is that like the Warcraft 3 unit of the same name I am mostly invisible (to others anyway).


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well i started using this nick like 5-6 years ago in some game

then i started playing delta force online pretty much and kept the nick

then i started playing DI with the same nick....

then i started palying starcraft with the same nick...

then i started playing DII with the same nick...

then i started playing CS with the same nick..

then i got back to DII and still with the same nick :xrollseye


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Erm... I fell asleep and my head fell on the keyboard? No, serioursly, my nick is derrived from one of my favorite bands, Nightwish. As I've always like water and creatures living in there I just modified the name slightly, et voilà: Nightfish.

Dave in the basement

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I came up with my "creative" forum name when my family (lovely wife, 12 month-old son, rotten dog) and I were living in my in-laws unfinished basement. We lived down there for four months while waiting for our new house to be built. We intended to move from our old house straight into our new house, but it sold too quickly. So into the basement we went!

I daresay it was the longests four months of my entire life. The highlight was finding the SPF; this place was my safe-haven.

Too bad my PC was set-up at my best friend's house at the time. Ugh...flashbacks!

Dave :D


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Way back during 1.03 or so, when I decided it was time for me to finally get on B.Net- I started an account and wanted to use the name Vega, simply because I was very much into the Street Fighter universe at that time, but since "Vega" was already taken, I had to add "Lord" in front of it, thus creating the immortal Lord_Vega ;)


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Back in my days of playing StarCraft on b.net, a friend of mine started a "clan" and wanted me to join. Our tag was supposed to read "Zaratuls_" but my friend spelled it wrong :rolleyes: At the time, Zerg was my favorite race, and so Zertuals_Ovrlrd was born.

For some unknown reason, I've kept the name :)


Kung Poo

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My name? Well, I always used to go around work, quoting Matrix at the most inopportune time, saying "I know kung fu...". My office partner would always mock me and substitute "poo" for "fu". Thus, one day, I decided to just go with it. Here I am.


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factotum: "an employee or assistant who serves in a wide variety of capacities"--or, as I prefer to call it, a jack of all trades!


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Mine is taken from my... birth certificate (Ricardo Crestoni)! I know, not in the creative mood then. But again, I didn't think I would become a SPFholic, so just typed my name and entered to check it out.


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Vorbiss was evil priest from one of the Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, "Pyramids". (Man I love these books!)
I thought it sounds cool, et voila! :xrein:


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I've always been fascinated with mythology, and the traditional middle-eastern djinn have been some of my favorites. Djinn is always taken on battlenet, so I combined my university's mascot (Northwestern University Wildcats) with djinn since it matched by letter and such and because it made a cool name. :)


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My nick comes from one of the greatest fantasy artists of all time, Frank Frazetta. He created the Death Dealer artwork and also did the cover art for the Death Dealer book series. You can check out his website here.


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from the russ meyer film 'beyond the valley of the dolls'.
at the end of the film it has a 'what became of the characters' montage with the line:

"randy, his body was a cage for his sexual desires"

it's a truely great movie.


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A rehash of an old post, but with so many new members, it's understandable it crops up again (Soon w'll have the "Where did your Avatar com from" thread - again :xrollseye )

Anyhow, I am from the Netherlands, meaning low-lying lands. And I liked the original Highlander movie. (NOT the three that followed it. Gross abuse of celluloid those) So I was LowLander, a nick I use among a couple of others.
Well, my real name is Sam and I have a mate who is totally crazy, like completely nuts, but a damn good laugh and for some reason about 2 years ago he started calling me Mr. Manzanza, why I have no idea :D I later found out Sam Manzanza is some sort of musician, again I have no idea where Leo (the crazy guy) gets his ideas and nick names from. So then all my mates started calling me Manzanza and since then it has been my email addy on two seperate email providers and my forum name at the SPF.