OT: www.mylifeinatent.tk


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OT: www.mylifeinatent.tk

Hey, I'm not sure if anyone remembers me.. but I used to play a lot of legit SP D2 and posted here a bit..

Anyways I might start playing D2 again, and I'm going to live in a tent outside of my basement.

I should be in my tent with a webcam running in 1-2 weeks.




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:? matt


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So... information of why you're going to be living in a tent outside of your basement?

Pure boredom?

"Roughing it out in the wild"?

And welcome back d00d. I rememb0r j00


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What Serdash said. Sure seems fascinitating why you would want to live in a tent for 1-2 weeks. I hate tents but I blame the army for that.


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SimontheBulletFreak said:
I played D2 in a tent in Iraq for six months and when you're in act 2 and look outside the flap it's rather surreal :lol:
that's a cool one! :)
hope you werent expecting the dark wanderer to come join you by the campfire :)


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I thought of it 2 nights ago after I was kicked out of the house for a few hours because my room smelled like pot.. anyways I guess geocities just sucks.. I'm trying to get a different site to host for me now. The address will still be www.mylifeinatent.tk

Got any ideas for my tent?
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why did your room smell like pot? i bet the neighbors were using while you had your windows open, no?

pot's like..SOOOOOOooooobad for you and stuff.