OT: WOW on South Park


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OT: WOW on South Park

Did any of you guys happen to see the new episode of South Park? It was all about World of Warcraft, and over half of the show took place as the game. It had me laughing pretty good.


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We get the old repeats, so it's likely that I won't be seeing it anytime soon. :sad:

The Family Guy SP (Cartoon Wars I think it's called) episode is pretty funny though. :grin:


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I don't normally watch south park, but this one I will have to see. My friends play WOW and are always trying to convert me. Should be good for a laugh.

@Drystan - Same situation here for me :wink2:


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I didn't get a chance to see it...because I was playing WOW.

That's correct, I have become a WOW addict; started playing July 20, and there has not been a day that I haven't played since, except when servers were down for maintenance.

I can remember clearly, and with some small chagrin, when I railed loudly and with vigor against "pay-for-play" games, and how loathsome the whole concept was...

But once I started playing, it became impossible to stop; it really is that good.

In D2, I played SP because the public community of players was a mish-mosh of cheaters, hackers, pkers, children, and net jerks; Wow has all of these, to degrees, but there are ways to shieild yourself from them; and, the best thing of all, which may seem worse in some ways, is people can help you (and often do) and you don't need to worry about them being tainted..it is part of the game design, which I won't go into.

So, I have been away, lost in the world of Azeroth, deeply hooked, and happily so.

If any of you also play WOW, you may find me on the Scarlet Crusade server, my chars name is Ulthrakk, which was a slight homage to ny first D2 character, Urakk. I play as a member of the Horde.

Good luck and keep the EU's dropping!



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I never watch South Park, but I decided I needed to watch this one, since I too, play WoW.

I found the in-game parts funny, the other stuff reminded me why I don't watch South Park, ever. "Mom, Bathroom!!" Ugh

I understand there are going to be 5 more episodes based on WoW. I haven't decided whether to watch them or not.