OT: where are you from?

Are you bored of terrorism?

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  • Could it be incorporated into a reality TV show in some way?

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OT: where are you from?

I thought it was time to try making my first poll, so I thought I'd do a thread to let all the newbies (including me of course) know which other members are from their country. THe poll includes the nationalities I believe to be prevalent around here (sorry if I miss any big ones)


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heh white members cant vote:p

its dangeous;) according to some it seems

im from sweden for those that wonder


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Geez, I'm the only one voted for canada eh?

Come on guys, I know you are out there, don't make me call your names. :D


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Born and raised in Miami, Florida here in the states. Went away to college at the University of Florida in Gainesville, and am now residing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I love warm weather, and having drinks by the poolside :D . Oh, and there are Super TC87 EU's everywhere. I was fortunate enough to find myself one :).



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somethingsin said:
(sorry if I miss any big ones)
I think asia and s. america and most of europe are fairly big ones.....then again, nobody cares.

USA baby, love it......or mooch off some other country.


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Middle of nowhere wyoming for the summer, I have an internship in a town of 500 people, 10 miles away there is a town of 1500, 30 miles away a town of 4000, 70 miles away a town of 10,000 and 150 miles away a town of 50,000 and in the other direction 80,000. Its alright though, I can play diablo 2 and flyfish this summer, and i enjoy both those :D


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I was born in China but since theres no Asia... :eek:

I just picked USA since thats where I live now.


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Western Massachusetts in the good old US of A for me. Yes, that's Western, so no, I've never pahked my cah in Hahvahd Yahd.



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I picked the grand ol' US of A (b/c thats where I live duh) If anyone cares, I live in Buffalo NY.

Go Bills!



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Philippines. Yep, same no Asia option complaint too, but I had the right sense to blame Durf. :D I live in Caloocan City, a large city adjacent to the capital Manila and work in Pasig City, several kilometers to the south.


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i live in mindanao area where a lot of foriegner get abducted by Abu Sayyaf rebels...(lame)

But anyway, philippines is still the best place 4 me though.
Im working here KSA for 4 yrs now and im glad dat i play diablo 2 classic/LOd

Nwez, tnx for the info guys, im finally done with the upgrade .I played the lod last night and im on act 3...cool huh...

Tnx and more power to all of us... :clap: :thumbsup:

Ashmer Amadeus

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I live in Maine (USA). I've lived here my whole life, although I've lived in several parts of the state. I currently reside in Topsham, but I grew up a little outside of Belfast. The longest I've spent outside of the state was for nine weeks due to BCT. A good time, except for the heat in Oklahoma. 112 is a little too warm for me, given the average temperture here. And we've had too much rain this year. Seems like I should be on the other coast. More rain then Seattle I think.

Sir Lanksalot

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I consider myself an English Kiwi (go the lions!!) but seeing as i live in nz and have the whole nz accent going on, i chose that option.
I'm living in one of new zealands largest city's, Christchurch. Its population is almost 400k (i think...) so i don't know if this would be considered a city in other "larger" countries, although it does have a catherdral, albeit a very small one.