OT: What would these taste like?


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OT: What would these taste like?

I have previously posted something similar in the giveaway thread, with the intention of giving the winner a little item or two, but seeing as I got no responses, I'll post it here where it will (hopefully) get more exposure

The hypothetical I humbly propose to you is this:

"If the Health, Mana, and Rejuvination potions were real, what would they taste like?"

I personally think the health potions should be something satisfying and rich, like gravy. The mana potions should be spiritzy, and refreshing, like lemonade. The rejuvination potions are obviously a mix of the two, so... *Yuck* carbonated gravy!

What do you guys think they would taste like?

Crazy Runner Guy

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Health: Irish Car bomb (so what if its not red?)
Mana: Jone's soda blue whatever it's called
Rejuv: Welch's strawberry soda



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Ah welch's... yum.

I remember that from my youth when I lived in the 'States. Unfortunately, we don't get that down here in Australia. You can go to a specialty supermarket, but it's just not the same for some reason


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Health (Red) Potion: Beer on a stag night.
Mana (Blue) Potion: Beer on a hen night.
Rejuv (Pink) Potion: Beer on a gay night.

My point?

It's all beer......



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Gatorade... Ack! Never been a fan of the stuff. I could actually use a carbonated gravy about now... I slept funny last night, and am sure feeling it now.


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Crazy Runner Guy said:
Cherry/blueberry/grape pop rocks!
Just make sure you don't have them with soda, if you do, you get hilarious gas for a while, but a nasty stomach ache later.


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Health: Tastes exactly like blood.
Mana: I think I would have a slight taste of metallic silver and a mix of other minerals, plus something cold and crisp - ice water is good, or perhaps a less-sugar lemonade or something...
Rejuv: Grape Medicine stuff - you know, that horrible grape flavoured cough syrup? Buckleys? had a commercial that was like "Tastes like pureeded brains. And works."


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Going down a similar path as to what Ikeren said, perhaps the rejuvination potion should taste like Dimetap or something. I remember that as being the only medicine that anybody would *happily* take

Fists of Legend

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Health potion: Flaming Buhda(flaming shot we made a college)

Mana potion: Windex (equal parts vodka and blue curacao)

Reju potion: Pygmy Death Dance (purple shot that we made in college that had a really good kick to it)

Now if this was true then after about 4 hours of playing your characters would be almost useless.:grin:


Healing: Sourcherry juice. Sweet and sticky! 15 degrees Celcius
Mana: Mint soda. Ice cold!
Reju: Red plum compote mixed with mineral water. 10 degrees Celcius


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neumein said:
Going down a similar path as to what Ikeren said, perhaps the rejuvination potion should taste like Dimetap or something. I remember that as being the only medicine that anybody would *happily* take
Negative. I can't stand that stuff. :sad2:


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I have this sort of modern phisosophy that potions don't taste like anything, as they're not technically a liquid, but a spell. By this rationale, as soon as you uncork the bottle, put it to your lips, and bottoms up, POOF, the bottle vanishes and the liquid never hits your lips. Intead, the spell is triggered, and your health/mana/whatever is improved.

In short, potions are a physical manifestation of a purely magical essence, and they only exist as convenient spell triggers that simple non-magical people can understand: drink potion, get better.

It's not that much different than modern medicine, really. How many people can draw the chemical formula for Tylenol, let alone chemically synthesize it in their kitchens from raw materials? Yet, put it in pill form, and poof, the spell is cast without you ever understanding exactly how or why.



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Health potioin: Beer
mana potion:Coke..Coka cola
Rejuvy potion:V energy drink ...love that stuff..