OT: what games besides LOD do you play?


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OT: what games besides LOD do you play?

well simple question but the answers can be endless.

well i only play soldat 1.2, jagged alliance 2, NWN, diablo 1 and halo besides LOD

will get my fallout 1 and 2 back soon he he

ohh and one day i will get planetscape torment and that day im doomed

but then again for me planetscape torment=:worship:

now lets hear from the rest of you

*goes of for a short pass of rambomatch in soldat*


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for now I play all the time Lod, but I play also,
FIFA 2002
Red Alert 2 expansion
Age of empire 2 expansion, sometimes even 1
Heroes of might & magic 3 original and expansion (my favourite one better than 4)
America expansion
Age of Mythodology
Empire Earth
Warcraft 3 Expansion


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Besides LOD? euhm little games in my bedroom :teeth:

*runs away and hides for the flame*

:lol: robin


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Just finished Prince of Persia Sands of time (GREAT game - bit short)
Ultima Online
Total Club manager 2003 soon to be replaced by Total Club Manager 2004
Dungeon Siege (but only to finish it once :) )
and all adventures that come out (like myst, schizm, Siberia, stuff like that)


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Civ 2 and 3, Caesar 3 and NWN. That's basically enough to fill all of my free time ;-)




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Other than LoD most of my gaming is done on the Xbox, my comp being ancient. I have just got my hands on the GTA 3/Vice City double pack, and thats eating up alot of my time. Most of my non LoD gaming is spent playing online chat RP games, and modding them, busy work but fun.


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I do not play games (a little LOD at weekend) now, but If I feel like, I may play a fast SoF2 random mission, just for the fun (you all know what I'm talking about - no other games has the great system as SoF does), or a quick StarCraft-Brood War map.


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Apart from D2 I'm still playing Counterstrike, still haven't found an online fps which can bring as much excitement as a close fought game of CS.
I bought BG2 + expansion on budget recently, from what I understand it's huge and very timeconsuming, so it'll have to wait 'till I've got more time on my hands. The same goes for CoD, which I'm also waiting to sink my teeth into. My University studies tends to suck up most of my time right now though and spring's just around the corner, so the computer is taking a backseat to RL right now, for a change... :uhhuh:


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I still play:

* Thief 1 and Thief 2 - because of all the great Fan Missions out there.
* NetHack. Ancient game - new addiction. I don´t know if I should thank or hate Flamearrows for pointing it out.

Old favourites:

* The Last Ninja (all three of them)
* TRAZ (the best Breakout type game I´ve ever seen, with the most user-frendly editor I´ve seen as well)

* Eye of the Beholder 1 and 2
* Superfrog
* Gods
* Monkey Island 1 and 2

* Monkey Island 3 and 4
* Baldur´s Gate 1 and 2
* Icewind Dale
* Planescape: Torment (Best story of them all)
* The Wheel of Time (Great story, beautiful scenery, rather unique gameplay)
* Diablo 1/Hellfire (of course)


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Currently I'm playing (besides LoD) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It's amazingly time sucking :teeth:


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i played Soldat to fill the whole left by no Diablo for a long while,

I currently play a lot of Age of Empires 2 + Exp (mostly custom maps - i suck with the economics bit :p )


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D2:LOD and CS, i like GTA: Vice City to, fun game
Letely iv been playing D2:LOD all the time, hard to quit :)


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strijdje said:
Besides LOD? euhm little games in my bedroom :teeth:

*runs away and hides for the flame*

:lol: robin

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My current games are:
NHL 2004
Battlefield 1942 - Desert Combat mod
Madden 2004
Baldur's Gate 1&2
Freecell/Solitare - at work :lol:


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Hmm besides LoD eh? Don't really play it that much anymore, actually I haven't played any games for awhile...oh wait, that's not right, I did start Tetris for one game...ah well...

Sacred (the demo for now)
NHL 2004
Civilization 2 (for some silly reason I just can't be bothered with the third)
Morrowind + Tribunal + Bloodmoon
Neverwinter Nights + Hordes of Underdark + Shadow of Undertide
Divine Divinity
Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic

well, atleast those would be the games that I'd play if I'd play games now...somehow I just can't find the time now.

As for the games Strijdje mentioned, I find myself playing them with my lady alot more often than I'm playing with computers nowadays...

Dave in the basement

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Although I devote about 90% of my playtime to D2, I also play Civilization 3, and Freelancer.

And when I do manage to fire up the trusty PS2, I play football games and Star Wars Racing.

My next purchase will be Knights of the Old Republic. Definitely. :uhhuh:


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sim city 4
age of empires 2
champions of norrath
ff11 (trying but i have never played a mmorpg before and i am totally lost, cant even find the way out of the town)
and am looking forward to fable when it comes out


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ÃÃ¥vÓ§ said:
i played Soldat to fill the whole left by no Diablo for a long while,

I currently play a lot of Age of Empires 2 + Exp (mostly custom maps - i suck with the economics bit :p )
whats your prefered weapon is soldat?

mine is the hunting rifle


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Currently playing :

UT2004 demo, whatever mode of play suits me at the time
Sacred demo
Final Fantasy 7, bought the game a coupl months ago, thought I'd give it a shot hehe
Final Fantasy 6, I always play this game, currently fighting my 255 battles for the Paladin Shield