OT: What Are You Currently Listening To?


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Unleashed - I Have Sworn Allegience
Apokryphos - Mons Parturibat (first song finished whilst typing :smiley: )

@Oblivios - 2 great bands you're listenting to there :thumbsup:


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Tasdaz said:
@Oblivious - 2 great bands you're listenting to there :thumbsup:
Thank you ! Haven't heard Apokryphos yet but I made a mental note !

Sear Bliss- Glory and Perdition


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... my friends had a Punk band in highschool, and they put out a self-produced 'album' (they sold ~70 copies). Recently one of them found the old master tapes and digitally remastered the songs that were salvagable :grin:

the Vulgar Pups - Killing Time

... wow, does it suck too. But it's funny.