OT: What Are You Currently Listening To?


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OT: What Are You Currently Listening To?

I've seen these threads on numerous other message boards and figured I'd start one here. Just post whatever song you're currently listening to.

Slipknot - (sic)


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Celine Dion - Think Twice

Only because one of my friends sang it to me the other day and just sent the mp3 file to me. uhuh


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My computer makes this wheeering sound kind of like a big fan or a small jet. wheeerrrrrrrr. Then ocasionally it reads one fo the harddrives and makes a chugging sort of gringing sounds chugcrunchgrrrrrrr, gr, grrrrr.

so ya, wheeerrrrrrrr, chug grrrrrrr gr, wheeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr, chugcrunchgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gr gr grrrrrrr, wheeeeeerrrrr. Thats pretty much what I'm listening to.

Also my consience is yapping at me for not going to class today. Oh, and sometimes a car drives by. My consience sounds a lot like my mother "You should have gone to class today dumbass, now you're going to be way behind!" And the cars go Zoommm! or sometimes zoooOMMMMMM!

Maybe I'll turn some music on to try and drown out all the damn noise.



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Kenny Rogers - Coward of the county and in about 1:30 I'll be listening to Lou Reed - Perfect day


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The vacum cleaner.
Someone needs to invent one that doesn't drown out every other sound in the house.
I've got a 2.64 GB playlist queued up with every kind of music imaginable, but right now I'm listening to Stressed Out by A Tribe Called Quest.