OT: trying to make chains of honor here


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OT: trying to make chains of honor here

ok, so one of my pals is offering me a 4 socket dusk shroud. he wants an UM and KO. now i know that an achron plate would be best, but how hard is it to trade/find one? the dusk shroud has 445 defense, and i know the max defense of the achron is like 530 or so. whats the dip in AC that i should expect? and more importantly, is this trade worth it, or am i getting ripped off. i need the armor, a DOL(easy), IST, and BER. i HAVE for TRADE:

Arrearts Face w/UM
B Star
Guardian Angel
Griswolds Heart w/RAL, ITH, THUL
Ethereal Edge Axe (that one that is etheral and indestructable)
Fetid Water Sprinkler w/AMN
The Atlantean
Crescent Moon Ammy
Mavinas gloves and belt
String of ears
Djinn Slayer
Demon Limb
Que-Hagans Wisdom (ethereal)
Dark Adherent (Disciple armor)

i do hellforge runs quite a bit, and thats where ive gotten all these runes...and ive been lucky with the um's....so knowing all this....should i trade? THANKS!


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there is both a trade and trading values forum just a few short clicks away

but id hafta to say save the um and just run chaos//worldstone looking for high lvl armors to socket quest


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I agree, save youre runes. You can find a higer def armor fairly easily just doing some pit or baal runs.


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I might be wrong but I think Larzuk will give any item the maximum number of sockets if the item is normal and the item is found in hell. If you find a plain white dusk shroud or archon plate, Larzuk would give the item four sockets. This also holds true for ethereal elite armor that are not magical, set, rare or unique.

While I don't exactly condone rushing, if you already have some cheesy character you have rushed just for hellforge quests, you might as well use their socketing quests to try to get the maximum number of sockets if I am wrong. If it doesn't work, all you have lost is a socketing quest. Better that than trading all those top level runes.

Note: Using superior elite normal armor with four sockets is going to cost an arm and a leg to repair even 1 durability point so the archon plate is going to be cheaper in the long run.


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Boogie said:
What is this thread doing here O_O, Ragna come back!
i posted in trading values, but no responses...you guys are far more helpful.

another off topic question though...i decided to try and get a regular archon plate and use the socketing quest to put 4 sockets in it. where would be the best places to hunt for it...either pits or WSK right? cause of the item level.

also what should i be expecting to give up for a BER rune? IST rune? Thanks again, you all are very helpful!