OT: Stupid Patriots!!!!


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OT: Stupid Patriots!!!!

NO! Stupid, stupid, stupid Patriots. Oh well. I hate Vinateri(sp?). :rant:There's always next year though. Go Panthers!


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That truly must be the greatest game I've seen in quite a long time. Man, if only it would have been the Panthers that won. Well, too bad. It was a great game on both sides of the ball for both teams. But I still hate the Patriots now. :rant:


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Oh, it was good? I quit watching during the 3rd quarter.. not a big football fan anyhow. Everyone I know was wanting the Panthers to win..


I think that the kik reciever should have run out... and given the Panthers 1 last play.....

Great game n e how


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Kaysaar said:
Being a New Englander, I'm VERY happy with the turn out :D

Go Patriots! :clap:
Being a Carolinian, I'm VERY unhappy with the turn out :rant:

Go Panthers!


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[BLASPHEME] What, now? What are you talking about? [/BLASPHEME]

I didn't watch it. Don't know why. It just didn't interest me.


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I just can't believe that Vinatieri has now untied two Super Bowls with less than 5 seconds on the clock.... what are the chances of any one kicker doing that in their entire career let alone in only 3 years.


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I blame Panther's loss on three factors:

-Them going for 2(!) two point conversions and flopping
-Taking the time out in the fourth quarter, and not running down the clock
-And the idiotic ex-seahawk kicking the ball out of bounds, but what more can you expect, as soon as you put on a seattle uniform you are cursed forever :lol:

But it was a very, very, amazing game. Absolutely picture perfect Super Bowl, loved every second of it (except maybe everything up to the last 3 minutes of the first half). :thumbsup:

Dinnin Darkblade

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The only thing good about the Super Bowl was that it ended. Darn thing delayed me getting to watch the first episode of Surviver All Stars! :rant:

Seriously tho, and I was serious about Suviver, I'll be intereasted in the Super Bowl when the Lions finaly make it. Of course I have a standing bet that Hell has frozen over more times in the last year than the lions will win games in the up coming 10 seasons. :xeek:


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ha ha ha

i hate north carolina, granted i live in the state but not by choice. so anything that is related to north carolina i go against it. so ha ha ha good job pats. and eastern nc sucks, i should know i am there right friggen now
since im from england and know nothing about american football other than it has to have cheerleaders with pom poms i'll kep out of this discussion.


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I went into this game not really caring about who would win, just hoping for a good game, and a good game it was. From a detail perspective, I was amazed that, without Steven Davis getting anything done on the ground, the Panthers could have such a wonderful game. Delhomme has to be the most underrated quarterback in the league despite his first 19 minutes of play. :) Hats off to the Pats, though. Their defense was the best in the league this year, IMO, and they had the offense to back it up. And what a show of class and teamwork by both teams. The salary cap has shaken up the NFL in a great way, I think.


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1. one of the best SB's ever - NOT! both teams looked inept for the first
27 minutes.
2. I left a party at halftime and totally missed the "unveiling" of Janet
Jackson :embarrass
3. the NFL's biggest game and a streaker manages to get out on the field??
4. most of the ads were lame


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Well, I thought it was a great game. Just a shame that Panthers didn´t emerge victorious...

The halftime show SUCKED! The whole show was performed PLAYBACK!! I have watched the Superbowl for the last six years now, and this is the first time they did this. Shame on them! :rolleyes:
I DID like the Justin pulling of Janet´s bra thing though... :D :cool:



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My feelings can best be summed up by:


By the way, did you know the New England Patriots are the only NFL team to have won in February? (They are 2-0 in Febraury. :) )

Also, wasn't the receiver who tied the game (Proehl [sp?]) the guy who tied the other SB that Vinatieri untied??? Poor guy...

Cheers! (For the Patriots!)
Burke *happily working in Massachusetts*