OT: studdy habbits


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OT: studdy habbits

well those who vist the bar latly will know that im nearly always working my *** of the night before homework needs to be in. and i was wondering what advise you got for good study habbits. i know i should try to do work the day i get it but i just get bogged down so any tips advise, calling me a stupid noob haxor



I'm afraid I can't give you any useful tips, as I myself do my work/studying staying up all night before the day it's due (and during the day until it's due). That is, if I finish it at all...

I just wish it was possible to hack homework. Why don't we have study/homework editors? I mean, why code such programs for a silly old game but not bother to do so for things that actually matter a little?


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Unfortunately when I was at uni I had a similar problem myself.

I found working with friends who are more motivated than yourself always helped, you just need to be careful in school/college that you don't end up with the same pieces of work and end up getting done for cheating :wink:


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It depends what you are studying, Dave.

I read Law at University so 2000 word essays were required; approximately 24 each year for which we had six weeks notice. That was in addition to presentations - group and individual.

I would take verbatim notes in shorthand for most lectures and then type them up. This would be added to my reading notes and I would condense all of that down time and time again until pages of notes were a single page of A4 with bullet points as an aide memoire when it came to exam time.

Your motivation is the over riding factor; you can over come a rubbish subject or a useless teacher. If you are interested in a subject you will get it done. I stopped going to Copyright and Patent Law but still passed. Are you interested in your subjects, Dave? If not try and gain motivation by sayin "ok this is rubbish but if I do it I can do x next year and that is worth this nonsense".

As for study periods ... Well, I remember many many times where I would stay awake all night and play Frontier. That was irrelevent but I felt the game needed the mention. Personally, I work better with a deadline. Give me three things to do by the end of the week, one will be done (badly), one will be started and third won't be touched. Give me a dozen things to do by tomorrow and they'll by done by lunchtime. Needless to say, a lot of my essays were finished overnight. Maybe you need that last minute "OMG!" factor. In which case, live with it. If it really does stress you though, then you need to take responsibility and plan out when you will do something. Prioritizing is a good skill to learn.

Are you a morning or evening person? I could happily work productively through the night but forget even asking me to get up early to do stuff. When do you work best? If it's 2am, so what? No you can't work at IBM at 2am but you're studying do it if it works for you.

From experience, getting a calendar and marking off study-periods is a nice idea but a) doesn't fit with real live ("I really need to eat NOW and not do Land Law") b) doesn't provide you with any flexibility for the timetable (who cares about Family Law - it isn't due for three weeks, Business Law is due tomorrow) and c) hardly teaches you to prioritize.

Not sure any of that was useful, Dave but I hope so. Best of luck in your studies. You can do it. Really. :flowers: Or as I like to say to the teachers who said wasn't clever enough to do O-levels ":censored: I have a degree, go swing in your cardigan."


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you are hopelessly organised thyad....

taking notes?

If you're working your rear end off (nearly) every night, structurally, change schools. There isn't much you can do about it, cause no matter when you do which subject, it'll still take you the same amount of time plus a little extra for planning.

If it's just an occasional thing, live with it, or follow Milb's advice.
Once your motivated friends are helping you should be understanding the stuff more quickly when studying on your own later, and you get help on the homework questions


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Hanging out with more motivated ppl is nice idea, but "One thousand books and one night" story is familiar to me too:badteeth:
There's nothing you can do..live with it:wink3: Not all of us borned as organized as thyiad:wink3:


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Profile says age: 17, so could be high school or college.

If its college, I found one thing that really helped me was to spend all the time between classes doing homework, studying, researching, whatever, so that after classes was my time. This doesn't always work, but you'd be amazed how much you can get done in a two hour block when you are stuck on campus anyway.

If its high school, then I have no new advice. I was just like you when I was in high school. I would have to go along with the "Study Group" advice. Find someone in your classes to get together with a couple times a week to do homework. You can motivate each other. If you are a competitive sort, you can have contests to see who has more work attempted (hate to say "done", since that sucks if one person understands a subject better than the other person).

Everyone is different on how they study and learn. My little sister always did her homework the day she got it, even the big projects were done way before deadline. I did all mine the day before, big projects I would do in spurts, I'd be really productive for a few days, then not look at it again for weeks. Both methods can work, depending on your personality. Some people just work better under a deadline.

Also, you might need to think about your motivation in the class. I'm guessing that, like most people, you have a much easier time getting projects done for classes you enjoy. Personally, I found that it was much easier to get math and science assignments done than, say, English papers. And Art projects of any kind, I was in big trouble.

This may sound a little preachy, but I'm going to say it anyway.
In high school, it seems like you have to learn a bunch of junk you don't think you will ever use again. In college, typically people take more classes they enjoy, so learning comes more naturally, from an honest interest in the material. However, having been out of high school for 10+ years now (from a ripe old age of 28:rolleyes: ) I can honestly say that you will one day be amazed how often all that junk comes back up when having intelligent conversations. Geology, history, biology, english, political science, and yes, even math, are among the subjects I can think of that I've discussed/used in the last month. And I work in a real estate office. Point being, you will use a whole lot more of that "junk" than you can imagine, so you might as well learn it now.


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Cant help much there. Im a king procrastinator :smiley: . Best thing to do is just start the assignment and usually once you start it goes fast.


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You haven't answered back in 7 hrs, so I assume you're doing homework now. GG if you are, shame shame, if you're not -- just kiddin. I have friends who wait til the last minute, and do just fine. Personally, I get all my homework out of the way asap, so I can kick back until the next ones are assigned.

Like Thyiad said, it's all about what learning what type of person you are, and then learning to bargain with yourself. GL


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well I have all sorts of problems doing this thing called hw myself thats why it's 11:10 right now and I'm on the forums instead of my books i'm pathetic when it comes to motivation to do work


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I've found the best (and only) time during which I do homework is immediately before the class. I wouldn't recommend that particular strategy though.

...this seems to be a common trend among diablo players. Does the game attract procrastinators, or does playing the game turn people into procrastinators? :scratch:


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Fail a subject from slacking. It was the only thing that taught me to get work done, looking at 1/3 of a years work going down the drain. After that I did achieve far better grades, as I started to get my homework done, knowing the consequences. Of course, I live in a country where the government is funding your studies, so the solution might not be affordable to you. Then it is a question of realising that no-one cares about Tyreals Might seven years from now.



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First of all, i hate homework. If i wanted to do my homework it would take over 8 hours a day. Half of my classmates are in depression. Fun, ehh? I, myself, just study the subjects i like. I dont want to go around looking sad, drinking medicine every 5 hours just to keep my mood up :sad2: In fact, i have lost several friends to homework (sounds scary :shocked:). All they do is study, wander around like mummies during the breaks. It has been two years since i went out with best friend somewhere (not talking about summer, but you get my idea).


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Cant help much there. Im a king procrastinator :smiley: . Best thing to do is just start the assignment and usually once you start it goes fast.
That's actually the only way I can get myself to do anything at all before the night work's due in. Even if it's only half an hour on something, and I only get half a page of stuff written down, or do a couple of rough calculations, getting it started means I find it much easier to just sit down and carry on, and will actually finish the day before the deadline (it only took until my 3rd year at uni to figure that out:rolleyes:)

Of course I have exams that start on the 15th, so I should start revising, but haven't. Getting the notes out will be the hardest part:tongue: