OT: Star Gate


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Star Gate.. hum.. whos playing the lead character in it? is it the macgyver dude? :D


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Pyza said:
Star Gate.. hum.. whos playing the lead character in it? is it the macgyver dude? :D
In the second movie it Richard Dean Anderson, yes

I think Zavior is talking about the series, i havent seen any of it.

Edit: or is he dead? i thought so, can anyone confirm?

Edit2: he isent, my bad.. Where did i get that from? :scratch:


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It is Richard Dean Anderson, and his character is Colonel O'neil. AFAIK he is alive and well in RL. The series is awesome! I never miss an episode. I have not seen the movie, and was not even aware there was a movie... Some fan I am, eh?


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I enjoy both the movie and the series. Unfortunetly, up here in Canada, there hasn't been any new episodes aired since the series moved to the US Sci-Fi channel. Plenty of re-runs, though... :rant:


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I really love the series... Unfortunately, they have stopped airing it here after reaching season...3? where Appophis has just hyperspace jumped out of a minefield, and is about to die by the replicators. O'niel and the rest are on a hijacked pyramid ship. lol


Anyways, i think the series rocks way more than the movie.


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i was mugged into buying the season 1 from usa boxset then the 2-5 rip off no.s in europe... still waiting for s6 :)
S7 rocks btw watched 18-19 last week .)


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It's an ok series, but I can't watch it... as soon as Richard Dean Anderson shows up I only see MacGyver and wait for him to pull out his pocket knife and repair a car with a ballpoint pen :D


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Man too bad I've never seen any episodes of McGuyver, but I do try to watch it(Stargate) when i can but it only plays on saturdays and often I'm not around to see it, so I'm missing a lot of plot line from the more recent seasons.


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my partner is a huge fan - she DLs all the new episodes as there air in Europe as we don't have cable. I bought her the S1 box set for X-mas and have started watching it. It's pretty good, but the 'planet/alien of the week' style reminds me too much of Star Trek:TNG. not that that's a bad thing (as I'm a die hard Trekkie) but I was hoping for something more.

I enjoy the movie (just bought the 2 disc Ultimate edition DVD) but it really is a different animal (like the difference between MASH the movie and M*A*S*H the TV series)