OT - SPFer locations (repost)


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OT - SPFer locations (repost)

After the Squid got the previous thread and my provider for some reason deleted my account I now give you: The SPFer location page (...again). You can find it at:


Please check and update your info. You can post any updates here or PM or e-mail me.


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Hey Huorn:

Nice job with this.

You can add my age - 32. And my profession - social worker.


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Ah, looks good now. What's the meaning of the colors?

And you may add: Age 29, profession: IT consultant & programmer


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I'm not on the list, so here are the details:

TheNix from Melbourne, Australia. I'm 39 and I am a Carer.

I've just had a horrible thought, I'll be 40 in March. :eek:


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Canada, Nova Scotia:)
15 Years old now, 16 in less than a month.

and uh..I don't have a profession yet:D


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Nice job, Huorn! A suggestion, if I may: use "year of birth" rather than age; otherwise the data will get stale quite quickly...

As for me, I am 34 (b. 1969) and am a Unix Systems Administrator by trade. If the blue and pink is to indicate sex, I am male (which I would have thought would have been given away by the beard in my picture. ;) )

Thanks for putting all this together!


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its kinda cool to see that out of all these people around the world...there is somone in my home city with me heh....who'da thunk?

awsome site!


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Thanks for your input, I've updated the site to this point. As burke suggested, I substituted age for year of birth. There might be some mistakes there now (I did the sums in my head :teeth: ).

The colors do indeed indicate gender: Blue for male, pink for female, white / red for no gender specified. A darker color indicates that the name is linked to the picture on Durf's site. I only put the sex of those people up, that state it in this thread (or tell me via PM or e-mail). I want to be sure that everybody is okay with the info I post about them.

Durf: That site looks cool, I'll do that next!

Thank you all for your help! :)


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I am born in 1981
Student after doing my army services and going through the university stage( urgh a painful one i might add)