(OT, sortof) questions about mods


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(OT, sortof) questions about mods

Now, I'm sure I can post this here, but if not, I am sure the mods will let me know.

Basically, I'm looking for a new experience for diablo 2. I have a couple of projects in progress (read Sept and Grail) but I need something else for when I get bored. Now I've looked at all the sites over at Phrozen-keep and I'm stuck.

Basically, this is what I'm looking for. Have you played any of the mods, were they good, bad or indifferent, and how different are they from D2. I know a little about Eastern Sun and Median, but I don't know which ones to look at first.



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median first and stop.
all other mods are a type of drop mod more or less.
median is the only that is a new game, rest is the same thing as vanilla


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I'm not that convinced about Median, nor Eastern Sun. (I've just about stopped playing both)

As a alternative option take a look at Blackened, it's not finished yet but the b3.5 + what is described for the next version looks promising.
I will take a look at the next version (B4) when it gets out. Which could take a while though.