OT (sort of): toddlers and d2

Which Prime Evil do you think seems the most powerful.

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Hoop76 said:
Look at the bright side. You get to play D2, and spend time with your son. Doesnt get oo much better than that. I wouldnt over do it though. My sons 3 and he learned how to start up one of his games on the pc. It got annoying fast. Good luck :p
When my sister finally got sick of supporting the hodge-podge network of busted old computers (she was using Windows ME - she has way more patience than me, I'd have defenestrated the bastich long ago) her family was using they were faced with a dilemma.

If they bought new computers it would massively break their budget. If they bought old second hand computers then they might have the support nightmare all over again.

Anyway, so the parents got new computers (as you do), and the kids got old Apple iMacs (the ancient G3s with the built in monitor, not the modern ones with the flat panels which are more expensive) off Ebay. Cost was approx $50 per child, plus cost of going and picking up the computer. Even if they only last a year that is a good deal.

If the kids mess up the computer then just reinstall (I don't think they've needed to do this yet). Apparently the parental controls in 10.4 are much better than in 10.3, so try to get one that can at least run 'Tiger'.

256 megs of ram (may work okay with less, but I'd not be keen to drop below 128 even though OS X does seem to use memory better than Windows) and a CD/DVD reader (I think Apple calls this the 'combo drive').

My sister got an iBook and has been doing some pretty cool stuff with all the arty tools that come for free (e.g. making a DVD of the pictures from a wedding as a present for the married couple).

There is a fair amount of Educational software out there. Most of it is kind of cheap, and you get what you paid for.

My view is it is better for the kids to be on computers than it is for them to just watch TV.

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I blame Durf! That is only because I am totally out of beer.:sad2:

Any way, I don't think that a little D2 at a time is all that bad. Especially since it was taught to him by grandpa. The always seem to be right. From the way your dialog went, it seemed almost like a gauge as to where he was at. Him been able to recognize colors at random is a great. Makes me think of introducing my niece to D2.:scratch:

Oh, and please tell me when you finally get him to learn to sit in a chair and not stand. I'm still trying to get my niece to do it. Some times it almost seem like I'm going backwards.