OT (sort of): toddlers and d2

Which Prime Evil do you think seems the most powerful.

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OT (sort of): toddlers and d2

OK, so the "indestructible barb" thread made me think of this. Some might find it entertaining.

As many here know, Wolron is my dad. Well, he was visiting over the weekend, and taught his grandson (age 2.5) a new trick. Now, whenever I get home, my son starts yelling "SEE MONSTERS!" and runs into the room where the computer is. To appease him, I have to load up D2 and play with him in my lap.

So anyway, I've been doing Ancient Tunnels runs with Henry in my lap. He is apparently not a good luck charm, but at least I haven't died. Here's a sample script:

(Enter SB)
SB: Hi, Henry! How are you today?
SB: OK, let's go see the monsters.
Henry: See monsters. See monsters.
(SB opens D2, and teleports his FB/orb sorc to the Ancient Tunnels)
(Henry stands up and points at screen)
SB: Sweetie, sit down please.
(Henry sits)
SB: Do you see the monsters?
(SB casts a frozen orb at a pack of zombies)
Henry: Yeaaahhhhhh. BLUE!
SB: That's right, the monsters are blue.
(Henry stands)
SB: Yes, they're blue now, aren't they? Can you sit down?
(Henry sort of sits)
(a zombie poisons me and my merc)
Henry: Green.
SB: yes, that's green. Can you sit down please?
SB: Yes, Henry. If you can't sit down, the monsters will have to go to sleep.
(Henry sits, then stands up again)
SB: I think that's a good idea. Bye-bye, monsters.
Henry: Bye, monsters.
(Save and Exit)


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Excessive video games are bad for children (and people in general). But there's nothing wrong with a reasonable amount. Just make sure he goes outside sometime in the next 5 years also!

btw, I picked "train him to run pindle on b.net and sell the items on ebay" because he's gonna cost you a fortune so you might as well make a little money from him when he's young! I know its technically child labour, but it's legal I'm sure!



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nepeta said:
D2 items are peanuts in money, better have him switch to WoW I'd say ;)
WoW is also peanuts money wise :)

But I still voted for use him to kill Pindle. Will help you in one of the Pindletons


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Put alcohol in his bottle/food (I don't know what they eat) and he won't be bothering you much.


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I voted for the Pindle/Ebay option. Kids need to be taught the value of hard work, these days. Can't have them turning into louts. At that age he should be out in the mines.


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As long as he doesn't develop bad habits such as getting on the comp instead of the more important things like sports and academics, a modest amount of diablo won't hurt.


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Look at the bright side. You get to play D2, and spend time with your son. Doesnt get oo much better than that. I wouldnt over do it though. My sons 3 and he learned how to start up one of his games on the pc. It got annoying fast. Good luck :p


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At 2.5, I'd say he was doing damn well.... not only recognising the monsters but also their colours as well! :)

Educational.... oh and Daddy is just *forced* to play to amuse his son!!! Hard life eh? :p


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Oh, yes, it's TERRIBLE! :cool:

He never gets to play for more than 1 Ancient Tunnels run. Then we head off to more productive things like books, trains, cars, dogs or snacks. Still, it's pretty funny.


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Well my cousins' child learned his colors off the power rangers. "blue hi-ya", "red hi-ya" etc. etc. So think of this way, it's a way for him to learn and play with Daddy, rahter than with charaters on TV. And that's not a bad thing.

Now, come middle school, no games/TV durnign the week.


Teach him to run Pindle! What joy is superior to that of coming home, finding a Death's Web, SoJ, Ber rune etc and twinking your characters without doing endless wrist-clenching runs that bore you to death?

No b.net, else he'll never learn English (or any other language, for that matter).

AndrewTheGreat said:
As long as he doesn't develop bad habits such as getting on the comp instead of the more important things like sports and academics, a modest amount of diablo won't hurt.
Wait a second... :shocked:


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Durf??? Who's Durf? Must be his fault!

Beer? Henry can't have beer! Not even Root Beer... Well, maybe a little root beer wouldn't hurt... But don't tell your dad!


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Hello SPF :wave:
What's happening?
I just decided to pop by, and I saw this thread, and even if it might not be every parent's dream to have their 2,5 year old to already fall into the addiction of d2 ;) I found this quite funny.
Anyway, just popped by to say hello.
Oh, and just wait until Henry finds out about the exploding monsters :evil:


Edit: btw, I voted to feed wolron to the squid ;), that should keep squiddy away for a while :)