OT: something new yet quite old


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OT: something new yet quite old

hey i can't seem to find the thread on new charater builds/types that one would like to see in future (possibly in diablo 3). i remeber it was from quite a while back (can't even remember around when) i've tried using the search function & i don't think it's helping that i don't know what the thread was posted as. so...can i just lay out the specs of char i would like to see here?


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well since i can't wait coz i have to go prepare myself some sup, i'll launch right into it.

this is a samurai type char who specialises in speed & stealth (better than assassin, if any of u have been exposed to the game samurai showdown from neo-geo, u'll know what i had in mind as this char is stolen from there). like the pally he would get +3 hp points for every point placed in vitality, his damage would come from stat points in strength for all melee attacks (though i'm thinking this should possibly come from dex since i plan for his class-specific weapons to have quite a hefty dex req) and of course his ranged attack damage from dex as is customery for ranged attacks.

he would get one new class-specific weapon (though i would like the intro of samurai blades that would also be targeted at this char though all may use them, they would have lower damage than ur avg CBs but would be extremely fast attack speed (much like phase blades) with the lowest base attack speed at -30 and highest -10). his class specific weap would be the one from that book sojourn (i think it was called) that was wielded by the dark elf (if anyone can remember or knows what i'm talking about). imagine a thnnish blade of steel about 30-40 cm in length (at the outmost points which would be points of insertion into enemy) and about 20-30 cm in breadth. a handle would be built into the middle of this blade (e.g. five holes with leather binding each - for fingers to be inserted in and the leather would be up against the wielder's palm). if u still have no idea what i'm talking about try to remember the weapon used by the predator from the predator movies (the disc-like object which was thrown), only with all sorts of cool jagged yet devilishly sharp edges.

combat tree

1) ninja stars/throwing attack - could introduce ninja stars especially for this skill or just make it a throwing skill (using daggers or whatever) specifically for the early stages. personally i just had this there as a prereq fo other skills and to fill up the combat tree (available level 6)

2) execution - another throwing skill aimed specifically for single targets though damages all monters in path of thrown object (which can only be that "class specific weap" (from hereon known as CSW) that i tried to describe earlier). this skill requires dual wield of the CSWs. when thrown the weaps fly thru the air to form a figure of 8 crossing/converging 1st time on targeted monster, converging 2nd time at edge of screen and circling back to converge 3rd time on targeted monster again then returning to thrower. if monster moves they follow (and they will be moving pretty quickly) as they will follow thrower if he moves after he throws. how quickly they move through air and thus how quickly they return to thrower (i.e. total execution time) will depend on IAS. prereqs - ninja stars and double slash (available at level 18).

3) whirlblade - yes, i know not very original but bare with me. also requires dual wield. remember hurricane from druid tree, same thing only throws CSW blades which circle around him in ever increasing circles touch ends of screen and return. total execution depends on IAS and char can't move away from spot while in mid execution. (available level 24) prereq execution

4) double slash - super quick double slash, can be used with two handed blade or one handed with shield or with dual wield CSW blades. can attack two different enemies if in close proximity. yes, stolen from barb's frenzy, druid's fury & pally's zeal. subsequent skill points invested only results in increases in dmg & ar not no. of slashes (lvl 1).

5) tripple slash - read above & add 1 (lvl 12) prereq double slash.

6) five slash (yes i know the name is lame) - same as above but with 5 slashes and one minor difference. when slashing enemies in close proximity of each other (as enemies beyond range 5 of original target clicked on will not be attacked), enemies as far as range 5 of originmal target will also br attacked thus char will slash 1st target clicked on, & will then MOVE to slash other nearby enemies possibly moving him out of range of previous slashed target (provided they're far enougn apart). make of it what u will (lvl24) prereq tripple slash.

7)upper slash - this is more like a charge though it comes with a special property, the more points invested the greater chance it gains of being uninterruptible (100% chance at lvl 20 of actual points placed therein) (lvl 30) prereq 5 slash

8) lightning slash attack - self explanatory though gets +10% ED of lightning dmg per point and gets +10% fire dmg for each point in fire slash attack and +10% cold dmg for each point in cold slash attack (synergies) (lvl 6)

9) cold slash attack - self explanatory though gets +10% ED of cold dmg per point and gets +10% fire dmg for each point in fire slash attack and +10% fire dmg for each point in fire slash attack (synergies) (lvl 12) prereq - figure it out

10) fire slash attack - self explanatory though gets +10% ED of fire dmg per point and gets +10% cold dmg for each point in cold slash attack and +10% lightning dmg for each point in lightning slash attack (synergies) (lvl 18/24) prereq - previous 2


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shadow tree (ok this is where this char falls apart, if he has'nt done that already)

1) image (yes i know the names are still poor but please, the journey is almost over - yeah right) - stolen straight from amazon (& assassin?) image lasts short time & dissapears upon touch. (lvl6)

2) mirror - creates image of self that moves almost parallel to himself (lvl 12)

3) deception (my baby) - click on chosen target results in two mirror images appearing on symmetrical sides of clicked on target (i.e. to form triangle of three chars surrounding enemy). short period duration increases with points spent (possibly even no. of images which btw move in exact symetry (how the hell does one spell this?) to ur origin char i.e. if u move towards clicked on target they do the same, attack & they do it - inflicting no damage though- run away & they run in opposite directions which causes spell to wear off quicker), does not work on act bosses but works on all else (lvl 24) prereq above

4) double - pretty self-expl & quite stolen from zon & sin (lvl 30) prereq above

5) fade - char goes invisible but only when standing still, can't attack either (lvl 6)

6) fade 2? - char goes invisible but can move though can't attack, spell breaks upon attack (lvl 18) prereq above

7) invisibility - same as fade 2 except upon investing 20th point one will be able to attack while invisible (cool huh, or 2 much?) all these will not work on act bosses (lvl30) prereq above

8) shadow mastery - increases length of shadow spells and mana regeneration rate, prereq for all shadow spells (lvl 1)

9) teleport - dissappears into his shadow on the ground & reappears else-where (lvl 18)

10) teleport attack - does same as above only reappears in shadow of target with upper slash


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masteries (much like the barb's)

1) sword (includes samurai swords) (lvl 1)

2) CSW blade thingys (lvl 6)

3) spear/poleaxe (lvl 6)

4) mace (lvl 6)

5) axes (lvl 1)

6) daggers (lvl 1)

7) defence mastery - boosts overall defence

8) physical damage reduction - self-expl (capped at 50%)

9) weap block - requires dual weild and can occur during attacks (unfair u say? then make ur own)

10) r/w speed


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ok so i'm a freak

but i had to share since i can only dream of playing diablo as i don't have a pc & even if i did i would not be able to play coz i had to reformat and the play disc was broken before we had to reformat so now i can't reinstall despite having 2 d2 discs & the expansion disc...yes i think i'll kill myself now. but b4 i do, tell me what u think?!!!


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Well, samurai don't use stealth or speed. They train in the use of a blade, and some traditional battles (forget the specific period) weren't even barbaric. The opposing forces would walk around and find a partner like you would for a dance... and then fight single combat ;) Quite the opposite of a samurai.

I think maybe you meant... ninjas?

What is the point of this anyway? It seems like you put a lot of time/effort into it, even though there is no chance of it ever being implemented :( Dreaming is nice, but we can't spend our entire lives dreaming otherwise we will realize that we never truly lived our lives.


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Sounds like fun. I thought i heard of a SP mod that did something like this, like dual class chars, and stuff, and was set in a Japanese style setting.
Keep on dreaming.


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@Jaimes: ninjas, samurais, you know what i mean (though i really do prefer the samurai honour thing). y do it. dreaming is what i do (jokes). i had to share this with people who understand where i'm coming from instead of people who cannot possibly relate (none of my real life friends play d2). & dreams are the beginnings of great things. where would we be if no-one dreamt?

@rik: thanx