OT Shotguns are fun!!!


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OT Shotguns are fun!!!

I had a great work day today!

We do physical training every Thursday and we usually do something fun like ultimate frizbee or soccer (football). But today was different.

In the interest of education we went to the base skeet shooting range and withdrew several shotguns and loaded up on ammo. There were two sessions with five of us shooting at a time. Those who didn't want to shoot watched. The clay targets were no match for my skill as I would obliterate it before it reached its apex. (It's to far away to shoot once it starts to decend) However, some did tend to get away from me. Pictures were taken and we all had a Blast!!

Tip of the day: If someone asks you if you want to go shooting...GO!

- Masher


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yeah, I shot shotguns at camp last summer, and it was really fun. I was amazed that I managed to hit 2 out of 3 too :D


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I've only fire shotguns in Counterstrike:( But I have really bad eyesight, so I think I'll stick with virtual shotguns...Sounds like fun though, although I don't really like guns all that much, except in movies and stuff.
Im with michale moore on americans with guns costing more lives than they save, but when its clay pigeons, then gimme that shotgun!
Being only 16, the best i can legally use is a painball gun, which im getting pretty accurate with from distance.
I hope you shouted "Yea, i k33l3d u, j00 n00b!" when you shot the pigeon.


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I hope you shouted "Yea, i k33l3d u, j00 n00b!" when you shot the pigeon.


I was shouting because I had ear plugs in :) That and no one would know what the hell I would be talking about anyway. It's bad enought I'm older than everyone.....then if I throw in some kind of internet (speaking in tongues)...forget about it.....my credibility would be shot....

*whispers Yea, i k33l3d u, j00 n00b!

We got creative during the end of our round. 5 of us were on the line. A trap was shot without warning. Designated #1 would shoot then if he missed #2 would attempt then 3 4 5. For the most part if number one missed then #2 would get the hit. The second group was a different story.

#1 misses #2 misses ... clay already past apex (no point firing) #3 fires #4 fires clay pigon hits ground and breaks.

We were wondering when someone would fire after the target hit the ground and calling it a hit....Oo


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Nothing can compare to the weapons you can shoot in the army:

M240B 7.62 MM machine gun: 650-850 rounds per second!
Cal.50HB: reach out and touch someone from over a mile away
MK-19 40 MM grenade launcher: Fires armor piercing or anti personnel grenades up to 2,212 meters, something like up to 80 rounds a minute!!!

Now that is some fun shooting! Thankfully I never had to fire at anything but targets in my time in the US Army, but boy it was a blast shooting those babies!



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I took up pistol shooting over the summer, and I was getting relatively good at it. I just wish I could have done it up at school.

Never fired anything as adventurous as a shotgun though.


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Skeet shooting is for yuppies! You should try shooting at ducks in the fall. That is good fun!