OT: Router ISP Question


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OT: Router ISP Question

After failing to be able to host games since I got my router so I can play PS2 Online, I thought that it may have been my firewall, so I deleted it totally (wasn't supposed to be on their neways). But after seeing something about needing a router ISP in the MP Game Thread I was wondering, how would I cehck my router ISP?

-Thank, GodOfWar


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Your router runs a NAT firewall. If you give me the model and brand of your router I can post up a link to some photo instrutions of how to enable port fowarding so you can host games on here. Also your Router IP (not ISP) is your called your public IP address. In diablo it tells your private (or local) address. You need to post the public address in the weekly games thread for people to join your game. But before people can join your game you must:

1) type your local address ( the one thats in diablo 2) into your internet browser and make the last of the 4 numbers 1 like below. The XXXs represent whatever the other numbers are.

2) A login screen should come up. If your router is linksys your password is probally admin and user name is either admin or blank.

3) Hit the advanced tab if your routers a linksys but if it is not look for a tab called port fowarding.

4) you want to put the following information in the right boxes.

Ports to foward: 4000 to 4000
TCP: enabled
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX <--- put the IP address you see in diablo 2 here
Enabled: checkmarked

5) Apply settings and exit. Maker sure that when your done hosting to uncheck enabled because you dont want to leave ports open when you are not hosting a game.

6) Grab your IP from www.ipchicken.com and post it in the games thread. remember to check your IP at ipchicken once in awhile and if no one joins your game because depending on your connection your public IP might change.


**edit: Look down at cattleya's post if you arent successful with the information I provided. He suggests you goto a site where you can look up your router and it will show you how to do this in better details then I have provided :)


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I order to host games, you need to take care of 2 things.

1) You have to make sure that any firewall software is set up to allow access though port 4000.
2) You have to make sure that you are forwarding port 4000 through to your computer on your router.

Rather than go into details that I am really not qualified to for non-macs, I will just refer to to www.portforward.com, which has definitions and walkthroughs for configuring various routers and firewall set-ups.