OT: (ressurection) character names


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OT: (ressurection) character names

Hey guys and EU's,

Background Info:
With all the recent bad feelings and fighting over taint I thought I would take a step towards lightening the aura of bad feelings so to speak. I have lately since a restart been playing my necro (hobbe) for some time now. Hes in act1 hell around the black marsh. I really enjoy playing him pvm and running wsk with him and finishing off baal. Since playing on players1 settings ce makes quick work of most enemies. I play self found to so its rewarding to find items so small as magefist guantlets. Sometimes I get a little lonely being around my bones (skellies) and my act2 desert merc. I dont like to level in MP though becuase if any situation arouse dealing with taint I woudnt be able to part with my characters and woudnt want to part from the forum either. So I figured that only leaves pvp. I can mp and duel without getting burned. So I pondered all day through school , giving it most of my attention :flip: , and decided that I would make a PvP ww barb. Now I am going to read through the pvp guide well written here in the spf and I will start designing my build and attaining specific items for him. This always leaves me at the point of creating a name for my hero. Since it will be played with other people and in the case of dueling I want a name that will stand out.

I was wondering where you guys get you names from. Also what kind of names do you like best:
-experience ( books movies real life )
-people you know
Also does any one know any websites that can generate names for you? I remember seeing this thread a while back but I didn't want to drag it back to life so I thought I would create a new one and give a little background information on the reason for doing so.


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My character names come from

Music artists


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I typically give my PvP characters intentionally stupid/l33t names so people feel worse when I kill them and they see "____ was slain by *insert stupid name*". To that extent, I have a necro named Quill_Rat, an assassin named Zombie, and my hammerdin from the DoA 2v2v2 challenge named kekeke (as in "omg zerg rush kekeke ^^"). My ww barb's name is a nod to SPF pop-culture, and one of the most infamous posters ever (TheUltimateBarbarian, abbreviated to TUB).


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My character names usually just come off the top of my head and have a somewhat streamlined meaning to the class. Or there just my forum name or close to it. My current build, a level 81 skellymancer is named deadly_eyeball and I think it fits the build. (somewhat) :smiley:


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Cool cool,
Thanks for the link deaddave. Although I looked at a bunch of names that looked like some one fell asleep on there keyboard. Under celtic... for expample thyaldisois? (random letters btw). Very strange but helpfull none the less.

EDIT: I seen fara under arabic? Hehehe just thought I would share :afro:


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I think Humbaba would be a cool name.

I usually use theme names, for instance my ladder account's characters are named after Norse gods, i.e. Wodin, Freia, Loki...

On occasion, I even name it after the character build, for instance Mecha_Zeals.


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Humbaba.. I lol'd at that. It sounds really familiar and I just busted out laughing hehe.. I tend to like short names that are one word better then longer names, or even two words that are short. Im still debating what to name my new ww barb. Grrrr!!! :angry:


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I usually go TP-(insert build name here)



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Fantasy/SF/horror books.

I typically give my PvP characters intentionally stupid/l33t names so people feel worse when I kill them and they see "____ was slain by *insert stupid name*".
Wicked :grin:



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Humbaba was a character in the Epic of Gilgamesh, a giant warrior that guarded the cedar forest. He was defeated by Gilgamesh, then killed by Enkidu.


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Doesn't ring a bell. I think I remember it from aladin? Who knows. Still debating a name though. With all the recent posts and threads maybe I should name him TaintedTrade.
XXXXX was slain by taintedtrade. Lol there is insight in my words!! :grin:
edit: spelling.


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I like the Gilgamesh names, they are pretty cool sounding. Plus, you can read about the character and it describes a class. For example:
Enkidu was a warrior, born to be an equal to Gilgamesh to sooth his ego, a man said to be able to speak to animals and bring down the wildest of beasts. Druid?


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Well I decided to name my tesladin Locke. I named my necro after a briliant man hobbes. So why not name my pally after another philosopher john locke? I was wondering though what are every ones views on GM duels concerning tesladins? On a side note I just made a holy thunder war sceptar! Being my first runeword in sp I was happy! Now my necro is running hell countess for a lum to finish his smoke and a sol to finish his lore. In the meantime im building my baddy to duel with!!


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i found a realy kool name generator thing il try and find the link for you

edit: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/gens/namer.html there you go, just keep clicking till a name you like pops up
You can find similar generators around. I myself kinda like this one here; it gives you a lot of flexibility in how to generate names, including making your own name-generation templates. It also gives names in batches, so you can see a bunch at once, rather than cycling through one by one.



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Back in the old days of 1.09 I used to name my characters with a Liquid prefix (LiquidWolf, LiquidSteel, LiquidThunder, LiquidSoul, etc). From there I gradually moved to a short-lived phase naming my characters after monsters I liked (SoullessKaa, Achmel). Nowadays I have no real method and simply name my characters with a word that is either pleasant to speak and/or somehow pertains to the character itself. (Dynasty, Euthanasia, Jadyn, Ichorous, Sadist, Murdercat, ColdBlood, Sidewinder, Lobo, Flesh, etc)


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cLvl99 Meteorb "Angelforge"
cLvl98 P&B Necro "DreamWeaver"
cLvl89 WolfDruid "TheSheppard"



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I take two words and combine them.

My last Pat was named Vag*naBurger. Sorry for the crudeness.

Otherwise it's named after the food/snack I was eating as I made the character.