OT(?): Reincarnation :-)

Igor Potapov

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OT(?): Reincarnation :)

Hi, all members of SPF!

The rule number seven of our favorite forum is:
An Administrator of The Forums said:
7. Thou Shalt Not Spoof. Don't make up an account name designed to resemble another poster. If you're banned for some reason, don't keep coming back with "Fred," "Fred the Undead" and "Fred Yet Again." If you were banned, take it like a man wellll, take it like a reasonable person, and accept your fate. We ban the person not the account so registering under a new nickname will result in that account being banned too. If you wish, you may appeal the account closure to the staff. Oh, and for goodness sake, don't make up additional accounts to respond to yourself. (People who talk to themselves used to be burned at the stake as witches; we still hold to that belief system, here at DiabloII.Net ;)
I'm not spoof! I just like to change my forum name sometimes.
My previous account was "igorpotapov".

My new account is Warrior of Light.
This post is last for Igor Potapov. I hope AE will close the account soon.


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I don't think that rule applies to people who just want a new account so much as those who have been banned.

Warrior of Light

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It will be more correctly to call him "An Evil Warlock"! LOL

Although, He doesn't talk to himself, he just change the name. What is wrong with it?


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1. He turned me into a newt!

2. These sorts of name changes are best sorted out ahead of time with Elly and crew.

3. I got better.

4. Burn him anyway!