OT: Real life nicknames


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OT: Real life nicknames

What nicknames do family, friends, co-workers & lovers call you? What, other than your given name, do you answer to? Do you shorten your name? Refuse to answer to a shortened version? Use your middle name? Has you internet handle become a nickname in real life or was it the other way around? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'll go first
given name: Désirée Elizabeth
I prefer the full "Désirée" but answer to Des and Dee. An old friend calls me 'DD' (my first & last initial) but I wouldn't allow it from anyone else. Call me Desi and you lose vital organs. Some friends cal me 'Red' but not on any regular basis and usually preceded by something like "Calm down." People who met me online first often call me 'Babe' or 'Beachy.' My partner Tess calls me 'Babe' almost exclusively.

Tess's given name is Jenny Therese. She goes by Tess. Her family calls her Tessan. I call her 'Swedie' (sorta like 'Sweety' get it?). when I don't want to out myself and some asks about my "husband" I'll refer to her as J.T.


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Actual name: Benji Powell
People call me Benji, for the most part. (And no, that isn't short for Benjamin.) Couple people call me Ben, and I'll answer to that, as well as James occasionally, my middle name. A couple of my friends actually do call me Night, short for Nightfire, as you've probably guessed. Call me Benjamin, and you will get hurt. Usually quite badly.


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My given's Melissa, I HATE "MISSY". I refuse to respond to it. Most people couldn't pronounce my old last name so even the slow-mo's who run around using everybody's last name couldn't call me by that so I've always been called Melissa. That or Mamma Melissa (guess why :rolleyes: ).

I college some friends and I called each other "Bella" (it means "beautiful" in Italian) because our school had a campus in Rome that half the school went to for a semester.

I've used water_moon for a long time though, and have gotten used to "moony" OL. And on games that the name space is too short or they want you to put in initals I put "Me!"


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I get called by my last name a lot, especially when I play Ultimate in the summer because there are three Marks on the team. My girlfriend calls me 'Darling' a lot, but she's trying to think of a better nickname, since darling is awfully typical. Some of my co-workers call me 233 even away from work because that's my badge number.

I call my girlfriend "Guapa" which is Spanish for Cutie, Beautiful etc. I'm a Spanish major, and she has her roots in Puerto Rico, so I figured it was appropriate, and she likes it too. Also, since we don't live in places with large Hispanic populations, this is a nickname that you is different and unique.


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Full Name: Johannes Nathaniël Atsma
Actual name: Jonathan Atsma (pronounced in Dutch it's different from English)
Nickname: Joni ( pronounced YO-ne (O as in Oh))

Another much used 'name' is Joon'than (pronounced yoon-tan). Not very fond of that one, but appearently people are just too lazy to use my full name. And some people just use my last name (Booh to them).

And I really got a problem with people who pronounce my last name wrong on purpose, and use Astma instead of Atsma ( it does happen). I think you can understand why.


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My name is Scott Rubin and I usually go by Scott. I hate Scotty. At my last job they called me Pac, but that is a very long story. At my current job, I'm sometimes called Ruby-doo. Obviously a play on my last name which came about when the first Scooby-Doo movie came out. My wife calls me 'sexy love'. I have no idea where that came from :D .


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My given name is "Marcus" but I have been called "Mark" since Day One. The only time I hear "Marcus" is when my mother or wife are mad at me. I absolutely hate when my wife calls me "Markie". I've never had a real nickname that was widely used. Some close friends in school called me by my middle name (Blair) for a while. My boss calls me "MW" (initials) but he has his own nickname for everyone in his section. Nobody associates my screen name with me so I've never used that as a nickname.


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Mine is pretty boring. My given name is Scott, but eventually everyone winds up calling me Scotty. Oftentimes with my last name attached (Scotty Briggs). Even my boss, who has used plain-old Scott for over 2 years now, called me Scotty the other day. I really don't mind, but I wonder sometimes why it happens, as I never request it or tell anyone about it. :scratch:



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Socially I respond to Grogs and Gilby, the oddest nickname I've ever had was given to me by a co-worker - Clarkus McGlurtburger, where that came from is a mystery, though it was amusing at the time.
Real name is Russell Wilson.
I get called Russell, ernie, bob, and 1 person calls me lord of destruction since he found out i was a D2 addict (he plays it alot as well, but a bnet hacker :mad:. I tolerate him but only because he's a cool guy and he likes to screw bnet n00bs out of items. i refuse all on occasions to play with him or duel him and its eems tohave worked since he hasnt bothered askign me for a while.)


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My name is Dustin Puckett. The only people who can call me Dusty are my nephews and nieces. To them I'm Uncle Dusty. My wife calls me cake-a-mo, baby cake-a-mo, moser, and mo. In no particular order or mood. I have no idea where any of that came from but it's cute. :p I can't stant to be called that in public though.


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Real name is David. Im half white and half asian, and interestingly enough almost all white people I know, including family refer to me as Dave, and all asians refer to me as David. Ill respond to either one socially without any problems. I hate being called Davey Crockett. Davey is ok, and I often get called Davey Boy, the Crockett is just way to annoying to accept, especially when people sing the song. My wife calls me babe. I have no other nicknames.


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Real name is Dougal (my parents were evil!!!).

My sister calls me Fatboy or Gonz (short for Gonzo). My family always called each other Fatboy or Fatgirl regardless of body size (I was thin as a rake till I was 27 but still got called Fatboy). Fatboy is probably more apt now that it once was.

Wifey calls me Beloved mimicking what I called her. She does not see the endearing quality of being called Fatgirl and has threatened gross bodily violence if I ever do it again!



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right, my full name is Alje Seth Boonstra ( a very uncommon dutch name)

it's pronounced all-yeh (with the e sound as in jehosaphat) many of my English-speaking acquaintances (sp?) have resorted to calling me algue (no, I wasn't happy when they started that. suffice to say they don't anymore.
I am also called 'all' a lot, simply because it's shorter. No problems with that.

Then there are a few people I met in england who decided to call me 'down-in-one dutchy', allthough I'm not much of a beerdrinker.

and then there was the sad occasion of a summer camp years ago where I got the nickname al bundy. I didn't know the character at that point, so I didn't mind...


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Well, my name is Patrick Wells Stone... so unfortunately in high school I heard a lot of PW for a nickname... for the non-English native speakers, just let it go but suffice to say not very nice. As I had long hair in school I was usually called Stoner... although never tried it... the joy of nicknames. Now I am usually either Daddy or Honey, but honey usually has a Do attached to it.