OT: Question about Hamachi


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OT: Question about Hamachi

Hey folks!

I think many of you know the application Hamachi. My girlfriend and me use this for MPing. Because of particular reasons she's not able to open the necessary ports, so we are kindof bound to Hamachi. The question is, if a very high ping for the client is normal? In our games the host always has a low ping, about 50 or something. The client however has a ping that almost makes the game unplayable, like 500+.
I wonder if this is because of Hamachi or because of something else because when I played with others without Hamachi the ping didn't seem to be THAT high... My connection is 2048 kbits/s and my gf's is 1024 kbits/s fast.


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Please don't ask me to be technical about this but a friend of mine has said that using Hamachi will increase your ping. Layman's terms; Hamachi is creating an extra step in the network. The host will have a low ping, because the information isn't going very far. So it is time to open those ports to get a lower ping. Also, time of day (network traffic) will have an impact.