OT: Post your PC specs


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Ooo i get to brag about my 1337 rig! :rolleyes:

DFI Lanparty Mobo (OC'ing option to the extreme)
Athlon 64 2800+ (Oc'ed)
1 GB Corsair RAM (OC'ed)
eVGA GeForce 6800 GT (OC'ed)
2 80 GB Hard Drive (RAID)
DVD/CD Burner
Kingwin Case w/ 2 front LED's and window
Plus About 6 LED Case Fans
17" LCD Monitor

Ya i like it :D :D :D

Glows like there is somethin radioactive in there, and sounds like a its going to sprout wings and take off like a jet (loud)

All for less than $1100 (except monitor) off Newegg

I am good


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somethingsin said:
that's not bad at all, should be able to handle most modern games.
but if you want to play them with full eye-candy at 50-60 fps, you need something faster
(I'm talking doom 3)
Not really...look at my rig on the first page. Yes, I use a Geforce FX5500 256MB card and with that card, I run both Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 just fine. I run Doom 3 at high quality 800x600 and I get around 30-40 fps with it and with Half-Life 2, 50-60 fps at 800x600...not bad for a mediocre card.

So you don't really need an expensive video card to run most of today's games at acceptable frame rates. Most probably at least a Geforce FX5700 would suffice.


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My computer is nothing to write home about (2600+/512PC3200/5600FX) but the new beast I bought for my dad (and myself) is a little speedier :D

Athlon64 3800+
XFX 6800GT
Corsair 1024MB dual-channel XMSPRO

& so on. It goes like a very going thing :D



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Pentium 4 3.2
1024mb RAM
200 GB seagate sata HD
Radeon 9800pro
dvd burner
Altec Lansing speakers with sub

I bought it just as Doom3 was released and it played it fine, Half Life2/CS: Source no worries as well.. so ol' diablo2 doesnt tax it much at all :uhhuh: (Diablo1 still takes a while to register if you switch weapons though hehe i blame it on the game coding!)


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killian27 said:
Just a thought... if you went back to windows 98se your pc would run much better. xp is a resource hog.

Desktop Dell Demension 8300
Pentium 4 3.0 ghz
gig of ddr ram ~433mhz
100gig of sata hd
DVD Burner (not dual layer... damn it)
CD Burner
nvidia somethin or a nother video card
19" .24 pitch flat screen monitor
XP pro

Laptop Dell Inspirion
Celery Mobile 2.something (egads i hate celeron)
512 of ddram dont know the freq
80gig of hd
pretty decent video card
dvd/cd burner
built in wireless "B"
17" widescreen format
XP Home

*i didnt order the laptop... so lil sketchy on the details.
You can, in fact burn dual layer DVD's onto single layer DVD's either by:

A: Split the movie onto 2 disks (bleh!)

B: Check out a program called DVD shrink. It was freeware when I downloaded it anyway, and it rips the DVD onto your desktop (while decoding it, and compressing it to fit onto 1 DVD) Usually you can cut out the epanol and french soundtracks, shrink the special features to the maximum, and you don't really notice any quality difference for the feature. Its great for *backing up legally purchased copies of your DVD collection* ;)

Enjoy the revolution while it lasts, within a year or 2 they are coming out with new DVD formats. As I understand it there will be 2 competing formats made by different manufacturers. Some studios have signed up with one, some with the other. It'll be like VHS/BETAMAX all over again! (I can't be the only one who remembers Betamax?) All the techies thought that betamax was a technically superior format, but VHS had the better distribution deals.

Anyway current PC is

P4 1.6 GHZ
512 MB ram
DVD burner
Geforce 5500 AGP w/ 128 MB

Just got the parts I ordered from newegg.com in for my dream compy, gonna put it together tomorrow.

P4 3.0 GHZ
2 GIGS Ram
160 Gig HD
(Stealing my video + DVD burner outa my old compy)


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i have probably the 3rd crappiest comp on this thread so far.

celeron 566 mhz
319 mb sd ram, pc 133 BUT!!!!!! front side rambus on motherboard is only 66 mhz :(
2 mb 4x agp integrated graphics card
30 gb hd
17" flat screen
98SE!!!! woot
cd rom drive

hehe... remember when the speed of the cdrom drive actually made a difference, like, you would say 2x cdrom or 4x or 8x ... then came 16x, 32x, 40x, then we stopped counting.
then came cd-r drives and we started counting again...


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lasagnaman said:
i have probably the 3rd crappiest comp on this thread so far.

celeron 566 mhz
319 mb sd ram, pc 133 BUT!!!!!! front side rambus on motherboard is only 66 mhz :(
2 mb 4x agp integrated graphics card
30 gb hd
17" flat screen
98SE!!!! woot
cd rom drive

hehe... remember when the speed of the cdrom drive actually made a difference, like, you would say 2x cdrom or 4x or 8x ... then came 16x, 32x, 40x, then we stopped counting.
then came cd-r drives and we started counting again...
No worries there...I first started playing Diablo 2 on this old HP Pavilion PC with a Celeron 800MHz, 4MB integrated Intel video card, 128MB SDRAM and Windows ME.


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My computer is a "oldie" I guess:

AMD 800 Mhz
Matrox Millennium G400 MAX
4/80 GB HD dual booting for 98/XP -> D2 runs on 98

But I still remember the days where I was happy with:
640 Kb
20 MB HD



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My hardcore gaming rig.

1Ghz Athlon
256MB of PC100 RAM
64MB Kyro2 (remember them?) video card.
27GB Hard disk
all chugging along on Windows 2000


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I see too many people have too much money to burn. I'm still using my good old computer (replaced mobo once, after the first mobo died after about 2 years).

AMD 2600+ (the old one)
512M fast RAM (yes, I'm poor)
Geforce3 Ti200 (o/c to Ti500)
80G + 110G HDD (the second HDD is new, for back up)
good old SB live 5.1
DVD Rom + CD writer (no DVD burner yet)

I guess as long as my computer plays D2 fine, I can stick with it.


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AMD xp 2400+
1024 pc3200
MSI crap mainboard (AGP bus increases in speed as you OC. That's bad.)
2x 80 Gig HDs
Green light thingy (now that's a glowing computer)

I used to play a bit of D2 on this laptop:
P2 266 Mhz
384 MB ram
32 MB ATI rage Pro
And it ran smooth, besides the sound freaking out sometimes.

New computer planned in november. specs so far.

Sir Lister of Smeg

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This is of course a horrible nerd show-off, but nevertheless:

Athlon XP 2500+ (Barton)
2x512Mb DDRSDRAM (dual channel 2-3-2-? (can have 5, but put it higher for more efficiency, maybe as high as 10)
Gigabyte 7NNXP
114 (listed as 120) Gb, 8 Mb cache SATA harddrive (don't remember the make attm, probably seagate or western digital)
256 Mb 9600XT graphics card
NEC 16x dual layer DVD writer
Vantec aeroflow cooler (don't remember the number)
Antec 1080 AMG case
Iiyama Vision Master 400 (S701GT iirc) monitor (it's old, but from the time they still made 17" monitors with a decent refresh rate at high resolutions)
Logitech trackball (the one with the ball in the middle between the two buttons)
Benq keyboard
Aopen 36x CD romdrive
floppydrive (don't remember the make, probably Sony)
430W PSU (Antec)
5 other case fans, all 80mm, three included with the case, so made by Antec, the other two I don't know, I think I took one out of an old powersupply and bought the other.

My old computer which I still have, and intend to use, but am not using due to the lack of an extra monitor or an appropriate cable (BNC) to connect to my monitor had quite a horrible setup:
Chaintech 5AGM2 mainboard
K6-2 500
Maxtor 12(?)Gb harddisk
Seagate 4.3(?) Gb harddisk
coolermaster cpu fan (don't know the modelnumber)
230W psu (don't know the make)
case (don't know the make)
The horrible thing was that this mainboard together with windoze 98 and any cdrom burner (a sony, I don't remember the model which has partly passed away) was guaranteed to cause trouble (aka you needed to install and then uninstall some drivers for it to work), of course the size of the bigger harddisk was to much for the BIOS to cope with as well. My current computer runs okay, although here I did have an issue as well, when I first tried to install windoze 2000 on it, I discovered that I needed a floppy drive to load the drivers for the serial ATA port, I though okay I do have a floppy drive in my old computer, but it turned out that had passed away, so I went to buy a floppy drive, something I hadn't ordered with my computer since I was sure that would not be needed anymore (this was 2004).


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Intel P4 3.0
2 Gig PC3200 RAM
ATI 9800XT 256meg
Audigy 2 Sound Card
4 x WD 75gig Raptor SATA Hard Drives
Liteon SOHW 812S DVD Drive
19" IBM Monitor



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My comp is 18 months old and still not obsolete. That makes me feel good!

Sony Vaio
P4 3.0 Ghz
1.5 Gb ram
Radeon 9200 (yes old, but will be upgraded later this year)
(2) 160 Gb hd's
DVD burner
ADS Instant DVD (analog video input device)


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CPU: P4 3.0
GPU: Radeon 9800 Pro
HDD: 100 GB (7200 EIDE)
HDD2: 120 GB (7200 EIDE)
HDD3: 250 GB (7200 EIDE)

Bow before my harddrive space! :lol:

Running Fedora Core 3. I've got XP pro and a couple NTFS partitions floating around, but I haven't booted into it in at least 6 months. I have a habit of adding new harddrives rather than cleaning up partitions and deleting stuff I'm not using...


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AMX XP 2400 (2 ghz)
512 ddr 21/27
geforce 5700 fx ultra (traded my ti4200 for it with my bro's comp, ^^)
Mad Dog PREDATOR 5.1 DSP sound card
A-open 20 dollar headset (great for CS)
60 gb 7200 rpm hdd
19 inch monitor with a broken mount thingy..


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P4 2.4GHz Northwood
120GB HDD Seagate
250GB HDD Seagate
Gigabyte Radeon 9600TD/XD (or something similar)
Creative Audigy 2 ZS (This recently replaced my old, now dead SB Live)
Pinnacle PCTV Rave TV-Tuner card
19" Viewsonic Flatpanel
Microsoft Trackball Explorer (I bought this after my old Logitech trackball died and Logitech didn't make any similar trackballs)

The CPU is cooled by a Verax P16 CPU cooler. This is one silent CPU cooler. The boxed cooler sounded like a jet engine, I thought my computer is preparing for takeoff when I first started it.

This computer runs D2 just fine. Even Doom3 is running fine at 800x600 high quality settings. I'm currently planing to buy a new computer once these dual cores are a little bit less expensive. That could take until the end of this year.


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Pentium 4 3GHz with Hyper Threading
2x 512 MB DDR PC3200 ram in dual mode
Geforce4 Titanium 4200 64MB ram graphics card
150 GB HD space
SB Audigy 1
16x dual layer DVD burner
17" Viewsonic Flatpanel monitor

Windows XP Pro

Sir Lister of Smeg

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Forgot to mention the speakers:
Yamaha 2.1 speakers (don't remember specs) which I now use mostly with my discman.
Zalman surround headphones with mic.
Also quite often connected to my computer:
Yamaha CS1X synthesizer.