OT other games! shhh its not a sin


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OT other games! shhh its not a sin

Any D2 players out there play any real-time-strategy on the side? I havnt played any RTS since the original empire earth. I really enjoyed Empire earth and starcraft too... not so much with warcraft. Any recommendations on a current RTS I could check out? Empire Earth2 maybe?


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I picked up Act of War a little while ago, and its pretty fun.

AoW's selling point is how much stuff you can do with your infantry. You can occupy and strong point buildings to turn streets into death traps, set ambushes with them in trees, and air lift them on to of buildings to provide a high ground advantage. You also can take wounded enemy soldiers prisoner as a sort of currency.

A lot of the units are customizable where you can switch the weapon systems from anti-tank to anti-infantry and back. You got air strikes, helicopers, stealth units, super weapons and counter-measures, big tanks, and long range artillery.


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i like shooters :).
at my parents place in upper austria where i got a fast internet-connection (yet i'm in my dorm in vienna) i like to play the tactical-shooter Tactical Ops (same as CS, but based on unreal-engine).
i play Unreal Tournament 2004 and Counterstrike over LAN, but rarely compared to D2 and TO when i'm home...

i love strategy (+RPG) too :).
soon i'll start star wars: knights of the old republic 1 or 2, or good old jagged alliance 2 (again).

but i like multiplayer-games best :)
on my laptop my favorite game is bomberman95. this game is awsome, especially when you play with 3 friends on 1 computer...

i have my brother's N64 in my room (with 2 controllers), and it is great fun to play the minigames of 'Pokemon Stadium' vs friends (especially after some beers :lol: )

RTS wise, try LOTR-batte for middle-earth. well, its not a game like c&c (where you build huge bases), more a game like wc3.


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Yeah... pong.. I was looking for something more along the lines of an RTS from this century

I havnt really tried AoE much.. way back i downloaded the demo for EE and AoE.. I went with EE, but I still may try out AoE III..

AoW.. sounds pretty cool, ill have to go find a demo for that


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Starcraft is the king of RTS.

Among those who regard themselves as warriors, there is no other true path.



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I play Starcraft, could possibly still be good at Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, and enjoy Counter-Strike: Source a lot at the moment. Unfortunately, 56k isn't the best thing to play CS on. :(


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Why current games? Gameplay is what really makes a game interesting and blah blah blah ... (old gameplay vs. fancy graphics argument).

Anyways, I like oldies so if you've never tried it, WarCraft II.

Also anything from the command and conquer/ red alert series. The old ones are classics and the new ones are fun too.


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I had a game of Warcraft 3 today, and with the amazing ladder system that they put in in 1.14, because the old one was *obviously:rolleyes:* broken got a game against a lvl27. Me being a lvl 7 and all after a lot of exp decay and time off from it. I did actually win, but somehow beating a lvl 27 now just doesn't give me the same satisfaction as beating a lvl 18-20 player would've done before 1.14.

The only other RTS game I really play is C&C Generals, but I haven't touched that for a long time. My free time seems to have evaporated since I started playing D2 again:p


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I have Warcraft 3 installed here, but never made it past the single player tutorial. same goes for DS9: The Fallen. I suppose at some point when I finally burn out on D2 I may give them a shot again.

Otherwise Tess & I are happy with our Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game as a D2 distraction :lol:


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yeah, I played warcraft3 for about 2 hours maybe... just didnt turn me on. Warcraft2 never did either, and i played it for quite a while trying to get into it. Starcraft was altogether different, I loved it... ah the passion for my first RTS that sucked away so many hours of my life.. until i started playing diablo (the first one) Blizzard needs to put a move on and put out a SC2 (not ghost fps crap (no offense to fps players, i just dont like'em)) and D3... yeh right 2000 and never.

Maybe I'll just reinstall starcraft for a night off from D2.


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necrolemming said:
ATM, lemming is playing:

UT2k4 and UT99 (2k3 = sux)
Quake 3
the Tony Hawk series (just bought Underground 2 last weekend)
the Heroes of Might and Magic games

Lemming ditched RTS a couple of years back.
Did you play Might and Magic? I played 6 and 7... really killer games... some of the first in my pc gaming career... my ex-wife hated might and magic ... lol.


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lurve morrowind :thumbsup: cant wait for oblivion!

at the moment ive been playing D2 exclusively yet ive proabably another 20 odd games on my computer (seriously!) :uhhuh:
a few weeks ago i was playing cs:cource, morrowind, baldurs gate 2 and c&c generals which are all good fun..


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I really like AoE, I used to be great at it but havent played in ages. I also used to play runescape, but DO NOT START. It is like everquest, but it's free, and it is very, very, VERY addicting.
Right now I'm just playing diablo, but once it gets boring, I will move on to HL2


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ohh other games well one day i will play through Planescape torment again
if not for the game itself so for the chance to see morte again:D

rts well starcraft gets my vote and so does all games in the command and conquer series except tiberian sun


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speaking of O/T, does anyone need a gmail account? if so just post or pm an email addy and ill send it.


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I highly recommand Rome Total War. For so long I looked for an RTS to accurately represent what a real war looks and feels like (i'm a wargamming fanatic (warhammer) and members of some re-enactment battles). The Campaign is a long and enjoying experience, taking several weeks or even months to complete, and there is 3 factions. You can do all sorts or actual battles that took place, often pitting you against overwhelming odds. There a place where you can make a custom battle and have up to 8 different armies (theres like 15-20+ total) as well as your own fortification.

Man that was long, but its such a good game!