[OT] omg 1000th post


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Noone can live up to the spam god Ash Housewares.

I swear it's an entire crew of people posting 24/7 on that account !

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Still-Xey-Lover said:
You never be catching me. Spamming is one of my prominent features.
Total Posts: 18,326 (26.52 posts per day)


Total Posts: 835 (3.75 posts per day)

I think you should go and beg Ash for some tips :lol:

PS: Total Posts: 3,230 (5.39 posts per day)... It used to be 15 :uhhuh:



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Yes Ash is the supreme spam cannon. Post count is more impressive if you actually have something intelligent to say other then " heh " or "lol"


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I always try to be where good spam is :innocent:

Just shot past the 4500 post mark in the WoW Forum...


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Aerath said:

If all you do is make threads to celebrate your post count, it won't go up that fast!
well, i can make 26.52 posts per day celebrating my increasing post count

not like people post anymore anyway


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Other than Ash that is... But it's hard when just trying in the d2 fora - like nothing ever happens here. The game's dead, so's the forum.


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Yeah, it's getting harder and harder to come up with reasons to post.
We need a ladder restart if for no other reason then to get an influx of newb to HC questions about blizz vs orb, block vs not, etc.