OT Old quotes that make you laugh


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OT Old quotes that make you laugh

Ok so I read some of my really old threads: I found some quotes that with my current knowledge of the game, and my experiences since the thread was written just make me laugh.

The trouble is, not all charged items are created equal. Marrowwalk has level 33 charges, Carrion Wind level 21, and pretty much anything else you're likely to find is going to have maybe level 6-7 at most, which isn't going to provide much of a synergy boost to ANYTHING.
Totally OT, but why does everybody spell "rogue" "rouge?" Rouge is makeup.
IIRC Uzziah'll retire Passive after killing NM Baal. His single tree chars were never ment to see Hell mode.
11/29/04 said:
till ISO charged items:

+elemental club of fissure
Do you have any old rpgforum quotes that make you laugh?


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Well a lot of my newbieesque ones have been lost a few forum wipes ago but I did manage to find:

So if I can summerize everyone's advice for me I need to grab the nearest barbarian, slather him with cologne, go to a bar, and have him hork someone's grandfather. I think first I'll go check to see if thats legal in this state.
In a tournament update
I'm still dead.
Don't worry I'm not too bright. I'll be more than happy to believe that for you.
We're men, we're good at being ignorant


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Best quote about D2 ever (not sure it was from these boards though):

Warcry barbs are cool because you're standing still and yelling in a loud voice to cause their eardrums to implode and crush their skulls, and thus kill them.

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Allright, I'm looking trough my own posts, since I figured that if I quited someones stupidity it might aswell be my own :D I'll promise not to misquote and pick about five..
I allways run untill my inventory is full and then gamble untill it's empty again.
And when you look at this pic: <old link,doesn't work> you notice that there (if you hadn't notice yet) is nothing wrong. Just an assasin walking around.
Durf, Lord of Blame.. never met him ingame, allthough I'll bet he runs around alot Blame pretty much describes itself, if something went wrong you can knock on his door. Durf also has this familliar sound about it, like everyone knows him.
Sorry.. it's not about barby it's about barbs..
EDIT: oh sorry, you can't say ***

''Mil & Sam'' :buddies: