OT: Oh god, i think i've been over playing Diablo II


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OT: Oh god, i think i've been over playing Diablo II

just sad

last night i had a dream i was using a barbarian to make use of a sword i found that i think is awesome... anyway - i killed Baal in something like 5-6 hits... and i was all happy and cheering

i have NEVER dreamed about a video game... maybe i should shelf the game for a while.


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I had one dream where I was chasing a Frozen Creeper through the grass at my old High School.

After that, I had a dream that I found tons of high level runes in a chest and had to explain to a bunch of people how useful they were.

Yep, it's very sad :lol:


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Hmm how about kicking your comp hard few times, crashing the monitor against wall and then throwing the whole thing out of your house (also hope it starts raining)?

Next time you sleep you will dream why you did it, so nothing d2 related anymore!



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hum i think you still can save yourself baal.

stop playing for a while :)

myself i live this game so im alredy insane;)

Dave in the basement

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I once had a dream that I was hammering a nail with the Immortal King's Stone Crusher.

(I knew that's what it was, because the name was written on the handle.) I then had to swim across a small lagoon with it, and almost drowned! :lol:


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Never dreamed of D2 myself. Only game dream I remember was Tetris - I dreamed of how each block would fit the best in each situation. Sick!


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Once you start dreaming about a videogame it's when you know you need to stop.

Espcially if you start having 'those' dreams about the Amazon. :lol:


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Some of my greatest ideas for games come from dreams Ive had. I like it when youve been playing so much, that when you close your eyes you still see the game.


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Serdash said:
Espcially if you start having 'those' dreams about the Amazon. :lol:
:lol: Thats gotta be in the top ten of the signs you have been playing Diablo too long.


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Well, geez..

While we're on to dreams, perhaps I should share mine?

In the dream, I had three Vile Hunter-types in a room with me. For some odd reason, when I went into the dream, I found myself kissing one of them (wasn't there for the beginning, so no idea who initiated. Besides,I'm straight, and prefer my guys to be of the non-posessed variety). I pulled back, brought back my right arm (which was wielding an oddly-shaped Katar, with a blade the size of a Bardiche extending up to my elbow), and ripped into her. The other two quickly followed suit, aided by the claws on my other hand. The 'Hunters got a "Thank you" out, before a grisly post-mortem exorcism tore their bodies in half. I walked away from this, as if it was just another day on the job.

Oh, have I neglected to mention that this all took place at my apartment? Chances are, I probably did. *shrugs* Oh, well.

And yes, Serdash, Razaki, this is one of the top ten signs, if I remember properly. If it seems too detailed...remember, you (Baal) asked.



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The other top nine signs being...? I feel a 'You Know You've Played Too Much D2 When...' thread coming up :)

I have had computer game-related dreams before, but they've mostly been nightmares, and mostly can be traced back to another game (not D2).


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top 10 signs you've been playing too much diablo ii:

#10: when your wife threatens to leave you, you tell her that it's okay because you can just summon up your old girlfriend from high school.
#9: you fall asleep at your keyboard and awake to find D I A B L O jumbled across your face.
#8: you have that dream again where you are in bed with the amazon, however this time the head is baal and you wake up sweating because you don't have any pots.
#7: when on your way to work and stuck in stop & go traffic, you realize how you could fix the problem with a couple nova casts.
#6: you find yourself wondering which of david letterman, jay leno and jon stewart is actually the wanderer.
#5: you get arrested at the old folks home for attempting to steal someone's wooden leg, claiming "hey, you're the one who ripped me off the first time around, pal!"
#4: you actually find a low quality sash on the ground and wear it proudly.
#3: you visit an actual forge and wonder where the hell your PUL rune is.
#2: upon digging through your attic, you take stuff to your great uncle cain and berate him for not telling you what they are.

and the number one sign you've been playing too much diablo ii is...

#1: you get fired from your job at work for playing diablo ii and you blamed durf to get your job back.


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Hey I want a forge when I get my own house to make my own stuff and junk. :hanky: I'll probably be able to make actually good Imbues! :lol:


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Back in the mid 80's I was DMing two different campaigns and playing in another, working, and often under the influence of several chemicals. :drink: I still remember being chased by Micheal Jackson's breakdancing zombies and desperatly trying to find my holy symbol so that I could turn them. :flip:


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At nights, I used to lie awake, hoping I have enough money to make it through the month, and feeling bad about not making more progress with my studies. Now I also worry when half asleep whether my % crushing blow is enough :S


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Long ago (couldn't remember 1.08 or 1.09 age), when Zod was complete useless, I wanted to just collect runes, once I dreamed to find a ZOD in my room, and picked it up. It felt warm and very light (I still remember the feeling), it felt so real, I will never forget it.

That was the only time I dreamed about D2.