OT>Not coming back!?!


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OT>Not coming back!?!

Sorry druid friends, I was going to get back into the depths of the D2 world but fortunately I'm not! :grin:

Ever since I quit my grades went up, +10% in every course... :jig:

I've got a band started and we've got 2 songs done and no singer. Ok so without a singer that's not so great but soon... Oh and no name haha. :rolleyes:

Got a new girlfriend. My Ex's ex-bestfriend. Wow... :cloud9:

And I don't even think of coming on the computer when I get home 'cause it's boring without D2 so I actually do productive things with my time off!

Who'da thunk it?

Anyways, Farewell, I'm not coming back and this will be my last thread, maybe not my last post since I want to say goodbye in the WTFOT.

Farewell my brother wolves and best of luck to all of you. AROOOOOO!


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I don't even know you and I miss you already.

But congrats on taking the step outwards and forwards.


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Well when you got kicked out of school, your bands drummer died in a freak accident, and your GF given you STD, you will be back in the muck with the rest of us.

Otherwise, congrats on moving up. :)