OT: nOOb of the day


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OT: nOOb of the day

This is highly embarrassing and I shouldn't be mentioning it, but I can also see the funny side to it as well.

Keish and I slept in this morning. The mad rush ensued to get her to school. Not really having time to shower, i thought np and got into my car in my pj's.
I dropped her off and was on my way home to enjoy my RDO when I got a flat tyre. Again np ... and then OMG, my mobile is on the coffee table.
Here I am on an extremely busy highway trying to change my tyre. :(
Do you think anyone stopped to help as well. :rolleyes:

Surely I'm not the only one to do anything embarrassing, so whats your story. If I can tell you this, you can add to it.

- Jas :howdy:


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Well, I once had to Rollerblade to School. When I got there I realized... I left my Damn shoes home. Take it from there.



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public in jammies is cool. i'm half tempted to go to the store for milk in my housecoat, just to see the reactions. Nevertheless, here's one of many for me (but most of the others stories involved alcohol, so they don't count)...

I once spilled ice tea on my crotch during a solo business trip. The reason it was embarrassing (errr.... even more embarassing than normal) is because I had a meeting (with potential customers) in 20 minutes - and my hotel was atleast 30 minutes away - so I had to go into a meeting looking like I had wet myself. Probably not the best impression to make. Beleive it or not, I still got some work out of them.


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sirpoopsalot said:
I once spilled ice tea on my crotch during a solo business trip. The reason it was embarrassing (errr.... even more embarassing than normal) is because I had a meeting (with potential customers) in 20 minutes - and my hotel was atleast 30 minutes away - so I had to go into a meeting looking like I had wet myself. Probably not the best impression to make. Beleive it or not, I still got some work out of them.
Hmm. Maybe sirpoopsalot was a wrong choice for a forum handle, then? :p

Embarassing moment, huh? Well let's see...

One time I was sick. Like 102 degree fever sick. I was all laid up in bed and sleeping, I had just got done taking my heavy doses of medication before I went to lay down. I set my alarm clock because I wanted to wake up and watch a movie that was coming on TV.

Eventually my alarm clock goes off. I wake up in a daze, all feverish and hopped up on some meds. I walk in the livingroom and my mom is watching TV and I go, "Mom. Where's the remote for my TV?"(note I had no TV in my room at the time) and she was like "What?" "The remote. For my TV in my room." "You don't have a TV in your roo--" "Where's the remote! I can't turn it off without the remote and it's up too loud!" "Go lay back down I'll find it."

I went and laid back down, she came in and turned off my alarm. Woke up the next morning and didn't remember most of the conversation. So yeah. Hooray for medications.


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All you got were nothing. I was once going out unzipped without known. Only when I got back home, and found out, WTF ... I didn't know when, or where, but it got to be noticed by many ...


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well, this wasn't with me but my mom, but quite embarrassing nonetheless

My mom was at the supermarket with my brother, who was 2 years old at the time. For some reason he got upset and started tugging on my mom's pants.

And of course, they came down, so my mom was standing in the middle of a busy supermarket in her undies.
She still tells this story all the time


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If I had a penny for every time I've left my student key card on the wrong side of the sort of door it's supposed to open... :rolleyes:

But then again you can't really blame me when this university seems to be designed by the same kind of people who did the level design for early first person shooters ("need blue key to open this door.")

Edit: Oh, and then there's the time I managed to sit down in the unsheeted skeleton of a fold-out camping chair. Nearly beat myself to death (or so I like to claim,) but people were to busy laughing to notice.


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I was in line for snacks at the movies with my female cousin. I left line to go to the restroom. When I came back...I ran up to where my cousin was in line, with her back to me...I ducked under the rope, slapped her on the butt and said, "Hey stupid". Well, it wasn't my cousin. She had moved up in the line and this was some other woman who was with her boyfriend. I'm sure I turned bright red, I apologized profusely and then joined my "real" cousin further up in line...where she was laughing like crazy.


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Back in highschool, our soccer team (both guys and girls) was bused to another city for a tournament. We stopped for lunch a McD's, and the bloody faucet in the bathroom is faulty. So I splashed myself in the crotch good, I don't have any other pants to change into, and it was too cold for shorts. So I had to walk around all the girls with wet crotch, and my bastard teammates start to yelling that I peed myself...


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I told this story here before in a similar thread a few years ago :

I was in an interview and my interviewer was a pretty lady just a few years older than me. I thought I was able to present myself well enough during the interview. At the conclusion, we both stood up, and shook hands. Then she turned red and told me that my zipper was open. I looked and it was not only open, it was WIDE open. I started trying to zip it up, then realized I was facing her, turned around, but for a few moments couldn't decide whether to zip it up there and then or to go out to the bathroom to do it. I finally decided to zip it up. Then, I kept apologizing to her until she had to go back to her office.


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Ever since they told us in kindergarden that you can't spin around more than 8 times and still walk in a straight line I've had to brag that I can. Hey, what can I say? when I was litttle, I though spinning arouind in a circle as fast as I could WAS dancing, so I have a great sense of balance when it comes to that.

Well we had been drinking a bit one evening in college out by the pool of my apartment complex and I had recently been braging about this; I had even spun and walked straight just fine, despite a few drinks. The problem was the deck was about 1 1/2 feet off the ground and not only wasn't it railed, they had bushes growing at the edge that were always cut to the same hight as the deck. Well, talking to my friend as I walked and not looking where I was going; I missed the steps and tried to walk on the bushes, which I promptly fell through, scraching up my leg so not only did my companions have a good laugh, but everyone who saw me for the next week wanted to know how I got so cut up.


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Every once in a while, my lady friend suggests renting some 'adult videos' from the video store. Now, watching other people get busy isn't exactly my thing, nor hers; she's just saying it to bug me.

Anyways, one day we're in line at the supermarket, and she suggests we get a movie from Roger's, one of the video rental places. Since she had not too long ago suggested the above sort of video, I leaned in and told her I wasn't interested in getting a porn. In a rather loud voice, she responds "They don't have porn at Roger's!"

If this wasn't enough, one of the guys in the line before us turns and informs us that they, in fact, do have it. Ack!


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While taking the metro the other day I noticed that a really cute girl sitting across from me was staring at me. She kept at for quite some time too. When I decided to return her efforts with a smile, however, she just rolled her eyes in a "oh, please!" kind of way, and made a point out of looking in any direction but mine. That's about the same time I noticed a drop on my hand. What with all the flowering going on at this time of year my allergy tend to run rampant. I reflected upon the placement of my hand and my head relative to each other, and concluded that the drop had sure enough originated at my nose. Further inspection revealed that a large part of my face was indeed covered with the secretions of my running nose.


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I showed up at summer camp with no sleeping bag. I packed everything else, and forgot the bag. Fortunately they had some extras for me to use.


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hehe funny funny stories all round :lol:

my efforts is a result of going out to a bar that had a deal, 10 bucks entry and free drinks (between 7-9)..
being impoverished students we rocked up at 7 and proceeded to stretch that 10 bucks to the limit. Afterwoods when we were all kinda split up and stuff I sent a txt to one of my mates saying i was outside this other bar. A few minutes later i felt the phone in my pocket vibrate and i got a txt saying that they were outside the same bar - so i of course replied me too!

Now in hindsight what had happened is that i had landed one of my friends phones in my pocket so when i got a message saying they were outside this bar it was from myself.. so i replied to my own message! ack!

guess you had to be there :uhhuh:


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the very first (and so far only) time I went rollerblading was rather humorous.

It was in San Diego along the boardwalk. My friend Elizabeth & I rented skates and I sorta stumbled down the walkway for about a mile. When we decided to turn around, instead of going back down the boardwalk, we chose to head to the street and go back on the sidewalk (to avoid the bumpy wooden planks of the boardwalk). However, the street was just a bit downhill from the boardwalk. I started down the walkway to the street and picked up speed, not yet learning how to use the brakes. Well, the street was coming loser and if I didn't figure out how to stop I'd wind up out in traffic, which would be a bad thing.

I reached the sidewalk at a pretty good clip still not able to slow down. My only option was to grab the streetsign post. Well, that worked for stopping my upper body from going on, but my feet (and the skates) had a different idea. They of course, kept going while I held on to the pole, eventually lifting off the ground and launching me forward into the bed of a parked pick-up truck.

It was quite a good laugh for everyone around. Except me obviously, as I was embarressed and in pain. Fortunately, the pick-up truck was nowhere around.
Ive stabbed myself in the groin with a broom handle when drunk before. I spilt something i think and got a mop to clear it up. But the mop got caught on something and i kept on going forward until the end of the handle hit me. Just about missed the valuable bits, but still hurt like hell, and if i wasnt so drunk, i would have died of embarassment.


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edit: obviously, I meant the truck owner was nowhere around. the pick-up was around, as I was in the back of it...


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Halarious situations all. :D

Nothing I've done comes to mind that I've done that compares to most of them though a mate did have a similar experience to Deathmasters.

He was lounging around his place going commando one afternoon when he realised he needed to get something from the supermarket. So he raced off to do his shopping. While wandering around the supermarket he wondered why he was getting so many strange looks. It wasn't till a little old lady came up to him and told him to check his crutch did he realise not only wasn't he wearing any underwear but his fly was wide open and he was all hanging out!

Man, I cracked up when I heard that one.


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I went to JC Penny with my parents once and they had me run in to get something for them. So I did and when I came back out i saw the end of 'our' car sticking out. I just casually walked over to it, opened the back door and sat down, but before I closed the door, I noticed a strange man in the front seat. He looked at me and said 'What are you doing buddy!?' Well, it wasn't our car. I guess I'm lucky the guy didn't attack me. :D