OT: Names for Guild Wars


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OT: Names for Guild Wars

What are you guys playing under, where are you mission/quest/area wise, and what lvl are you?

I'll start off:
a) Tigris Of Gaul - Amnoon - 18 W/N (RP)
b) Arjuna Of Magadha - Tombs - 20 W/Mo (PvP)


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Dan Holiday 20 Me/Mo...Hell's Precipe
Margo Lane 10 E/N...currently doing quests that start off in Piken Square, I'll probably change it to e/mo or e/me later on, I just took necro secondary because I've already got a pile me and mo skills unlocked.

On a side note, if I delete a PvE character do skills stay unlocked for PvP chars?


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"dusts off D2 forum mic"

Kun Tzarfun E/M10 (almost to yaks bend)
Neuro Hero W/M10 (same as above)

havent really had a whole lot of time to play. d2 has totally been put to the side.

@ stimm: i have a new member for are guild if thats coo with you. hes a rl friend of mine and his name is J.R. ill talk to you more about it on GW. btw.....how do we keep missing each other by what seems like minutes..lol?