OT: Mobile game recommendations


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I’m travelling next week and looking for immersive games to play on the iPad primarily, but iPhone is also interesting. Feel free to recommend Android titles too though, others may find it useful.

I’m not looking for the usual mobile casual games like Candy Crush. Mostly I seem to enjoy old console games on iPad, although controls can sometimes be tricky. Games I have played:

GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
Final Fantasy VII

Also just downloaded Jydge but haven’t really played it yet.

Any recommendations, at least until Diablo Immortal is out? :p


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I'd recommend Ingress, the one behind pokemon go. This is definitely more enjoyable on a phone instead of a pad, but doable both ways. It's not anything to sit on a sofa and hack away, but it actually makes you move and see your surroundings. Also has a nice strategic side to it.

I admit the game can a bit confusing and hard before you get some levels, though. It gets easier after you reach level 5 or 6 and you can actually damage opponents portals, until level 8 unlocks the whole gear cavalcade at your disposal.

If you give it a go, be sure to choose the Resistance (blue team). 4+ years and counting here :)


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Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition by BeamDog is a good one, does not need internet connection to play (good for long flights / periods of no internet connection). I imagine that most folks in this forum are at least familiar with D&D :). It is certainly better on an tablet than a phone, and a stylus is recommended over tapping (at least its better for me), but is definitely playable.


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Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I was looking at Baldur’s Gate on the Mac, also didn’t know it was on iPad.

anyone played XCom? Or Transistor?


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Transistor is fun, though I haven’t gotten through it yet... D2 got in the way ;) in that vein you also have bastion, same developer I think.

my personal favorites for mobile though are the sky force games, and pretty much any point and click, especially the broken sword series. Might not be what you’re after though


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If you also like board games, the BGA (boardgamesarena) app is something I'd recommend. I'm currently really fond of Take 5, a board game I only discovered recently. Other than that mainly Carcasonne and Chess, but there's a ton of games to discover. Most games work best on an Ipad, but Iphone should do it too for stuff like Take 5 and Yahtzee.


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I played XCom and it was good, well worth the money for me. It is one of my all-time favorite games on PC, and it was quite different on mobile but still in line with that experience. I haven’t done a second play through, mostly bc I don’t have much occasion for iOS gaming, but quite immersive on first go through.

(also, maybe a grain of salt on enjoyment, given how high the original lives in my gaming pantheon.)