OT: looking for a 'new' RPG


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OT: looking for a 'new' RPG

I'm looking for a new game to play. When I saw new, I'm thinking PSX era or so. I tend to prefer story driven RPGs (Xenogears being my all time favorite, as some of you might have guessed from the 'tar), and a good story is absolutely most important. I don't really care about the battle system on a console RPG as long as it doesn't get in my way. I've heard good things about Lunar: Silver Star Story and Grandia, as well as Vagrant Story (although apparently the battle system can be a raving *****). I know there are some serious gamers around here so I thought I'd ask for some informed opinions.


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...Original Diablo? :D Maybe Guild Wars? I haven't tried that one but my brother likes it.


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Dan334477 said:
Well, what RPG's have you played already/know you don't want to play?
Well, I tried Fallout 2 and just absolutely hated it. I think I'm going to go back to console games, for some reason I just enjoy a fairly linear story far more than the 'you can shoot a junky if you want!'. Heck, I even enjoyed Legend of Dragoon and Legend of Legaia, and it's a serious stretch to label those mediocre. Storyline wise, I can be both finicky and hard to please - right now, I'm not so much interested in storylines on the level of the two games I just listed. I'm thinking Suikoden II or Xenogears level, and there just aren't many of those out there...(again, I've heard that Vagrant Story might be an answer here, which is kind of what I'm leaning towards).


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I've played a lot of great RPGs I can recommend but if you hate fallout I'm not sure you can like any of those. ;)

Gothic 1 & 2
Planescape: Torment *
Baldur's Gate 2 & Expansion
Final Fantasy VII (and possibly VIII, definetly VI if you haven't played it yet)
Knights of the Old Republic (part 1, part 2 was kind of a letdown)

*(best game ever. This scores 100/100 on the NF scale of gaming goodness)

Hm, that's all I can think of now. If I were at my computer I could list more. ;)


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I'm not usually much of a RPG'er but Final Fantasy Tactics was and still is an enjoyable play, even has a decent story.


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Final Fantasty VIII is my favorite :) Its such a good game. All the FF series games are good! Good ol PSX. I dont really like FFIX tho :/ FF8 is good but make sure you have a real sony Mem card tho the other ones corrupt **** easy.



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well, the last row of consol games I played were mainly Snes. If you have one, or you can emulate it, they're pretty cool inspite the old graphics. FF6, Crono Trigger (available on psx i think), Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean (has a sequel i think on the psx), Romancing Saga III, Live a life Treasure of the Rudras are all titles worth mentioning.
I played a bit with FF7-8 on the pc, but in all honesty i find the stories childish for my taste. But than i can say the same for the 99% of the games i played, and the spiffy graphics (for their age) and the nice combat system makes up for it.
I have heard good things about Grandia, never played it though.
If you want something a bit "darker" and very story oriented, might wanna' try Planescape: Torment. It is not a console-style thing though, and it will throw hundreds of pages of (well written) text at you so be prepared to read.
I played Vagrant Story too a little bit. Very...different. A cross between a rogue-like and...a ...dunno' what. It is very combat oriented, though the setting is a lot more thrilling than most console rpg's, you should expect to fight neverending armies of baddies in between cut-scenes.
If you specify your needs a bit more I can give you more specific tips. what settings do you like? "pink" fantasy, "dark" fantasy, cyberpunk, modern days, sci-fi etc. how shiny graphics do you expect (ranging from ascii to Doom3).
you want a 30 hours game or a 600 hours one, etc.


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I concur with NF, Planescape: Torment is one of the best RPGs I ever played in my life and I've played a lot of games.

One of my other favourite RPG is Icewind Dale I and II from the makers of Baldur's Gate.

Jagged Alliance is also a RPG but from a totally different genre. Leading a team of mercenaries to help a small island.

Have fun with you new game (when you find it)!


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Try the "Tales Of" series. There's quite a few. Tales of Phantasia being my favorite.

It's on the SNES, though. So you'd probably have to get an Emulator and a ROM of the game in order to play it.

Fun, fun game, though.


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Although they are really 'first person sneaker' games, Thief and Thief II both tell a solid and compelling story. The new fan-made expansion for Thief II (T2X - Shadows of the Metal Age) is also very good (I´m not even halfway through it, I think it will get even better!).

Sir Lister of Smeg

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Nethack: not new, but good, text mode turn-based rpg, freely downloadable, I don't know if I can post a link so I don't, but just use a search engine.


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Sir Lister of Smeg said:
Nethack: not new, but good, text mode turn-based rpg, freely downloadable, I don't know if I can post a link so I don't, but just use a search engine.
If you are into roguelikes the *bands are way more fun in my opinion. Even Vanilla Angband is great, but there is also excellent variants like Tome or Steamband.


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icewind dale series??

its turn based, but i think the game is well made and tactically very interesting...


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The RPG's I have enjoyed the most:

FF-2 - It's in the FF origins for PSX great game really cool way to level your characters. Yes you can play through the whole game with 2 shields equiped.

La Purcelle Tactics - PSX2 fun turn based strategy/tatical storyline is a bit fetched and animated but the game play was cool.

Phantom Brave - PSX2 same as La Purcelle makes mentions of Grandia in storyline :)

Legend of Dragoon - PSX very nice game play

Breath of Fire 3 & 4 - PSX very surprizing turn around and storyline compared the the original on SNES

Wizardry tale of the forsaken land - PSX2 RPG similar to Bards tale. the story line is very linear though.


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Well, I could suggest Super Robot Taisen Alpha and Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden for the PSX. Also anything that has Super Robot Taisen in its name for PS2. Also, the Taisen can be replaced with the word Wars.


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I think i've been inspired to fire up FF7 again... if only I could find my old ps1 memory cards. That game was awesome, i thought it was cool that even when the game was done, i was obsessed with having to kill diamond, emerald, and ruby weapon... which i did ofc. I played 8 and 9 as well, and they were good... 8 being better than 9. I've played 10 but havnt finished... just didnt keep my interest... the characters just don't have that uberness that cloud did.... and vincent valentine was the coolest character of all time.


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Hmm, well I think Im leaning towards a medieval or gothic style RPG, and while I do tend to prefer menus based combat systems for my story driven RPGs I'm also obviously into hack-n-slash (I mean, Ive played D2 for how long?) I'm thinking it'll probably be Grandia, Lunar: SSS or Vagrant Story...maybe all of them. I'm semi-interested in the newer FF games, but I've heard everything from "They were made by the hand of God" to "they are the worst games ever made and the spawn of all evil!" and I'm not quite sure who to believe...especially since I wasn't all that fond of FFVII.


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Don't forget all the Diablo III rumors that have been floating around the web. last i read was implying an August release date.

I've also been playing a diablo mod (the middle earth one) and that seems to have spiced up diablo 2 for me for the time being. only downside is that there's no one to share drops or strats with *cue violin music*.

Personally, I loved fallout 2. I know Baldur's Gate and it's subsequent expansions are very popular, and for awhile i was really into it but it seemed buggy (yes it was patched) and it seemed like i was always pausing. i dunno i probably didn't learn how to use the ui.

Also, i know this isn't rpg but if you want a great story get Freespace 1 and 2. i LOVED freespace 2.

I hunger for a new rpg that can replace D2 but for my brain, that would be a tall order (D3 you have a lot to live up to). I love you D2. Best damn 40 bucks i ever spent. Ever. Probably the only thing that enabled me to focus my money on my wife's masters program. that and cheap beer from trader joes.