Ot Live8 Pink


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Aerath said:
Have to admit they were probably one of the best bands of the day.
THE best of the day!! So thrilling to see them!!! And I still remember every single note.


"Bike" has been my favorite love song since I heard it the first time as a young teen in seventies.


P.S. Funny that the Who only played television tunes :uhhuh:


Im 14.. I have never herd pink floyd.. but all i have to say is.. LINKIN PARK BLOWS PINK OUT OF THE WATER... and Floyd is a cum dumpster :p

May he rest in peace.. if he hasn't died then im surprised.. or is it the other guy that does all the drugs.. i dont really know those old rock bands -.-


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The thing with comparing Pink Floyd to Linkin Park is that it's apples to oranges. One's music, one's not.


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I pity the letters Pink Floyd shares with that other name in this thread.

I abhor them so much I refuse to type it out.


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YouHaveMail said:
Did anyone notice he thinks Pink Floyd is a person?
Of course, but the fact that he likes Linkin Park (not likes them more than Pink Floyd, but just likes them in general) kind of over shadows that.