OT: live 8


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OT: live 8

So am i alone with having(still do) watched live 8 here?

whats your opinion on it?

i for one hope it will work. And even if it does not work it will atleast have done something.


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Robbie Williams is teh pwn btw. Damn he is good. Too bad only 3 songs.

Who do you think did the best performance so far? An question to everyone.


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pink floyd were really good
so were the who

wish oasis could have played but coldplay + stereophonics were good also keane/killers/travis/snow patrol all good peter kay was funny :)
Haven't watched much myself, but I liked Black Eyed earlier today. And Looking at Destinys child is always nice aswell :D :D

Havent seen 50 cent, have they showed him yet?
Motley Crue on at the moment, have to like the old guys :D



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I was 12 when the real Pink Floyd did their last concerts back in 1981. I saw Roger solo in '85 and again in '87. I saw David Gilmour & Nick Mason calling themselves Pink Floyd in '86 and again in '93; but I have finally seen the real Pink Floyd with Roger & David on the same stage. OMFG!!!!!!

short of bringing Jimi Hendrix back from the dead to perform a duet with a similarly ressurected Elvis, the rest of the evening is bound to be anti-climactic.

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I was so ready to go to Live8 in the UK but I found out I couldn't because I live in the US! AAAAAAAAHHHHH! I love so many of the bands: U2 (my fav), Coldplay (going to see them this summer though), Pink Floyd, REM, The Cure, The Killers (actually they are semi-ok... lol). The Who was there???? WHHHATTTT? :confused:


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yeah the who were impressive :)

dont know who was best though

the who or pink floyd?

i still think oasis should have been there lol


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No, was out with friends.

The couple of musician who called on paul martin to increase foreign aid regardless of consequences and put out quite an attitide put me off though. Just stay with your bloody music, would you like to balance a country's budget and be responsible for the results? Didn't think so.


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Thanks for ruining the ending for me guys, it's only half-way through here. Pacific Coast time that is. I'm not a big fan of Top 40 artists (Will Smith, Destiny's Child, Linkin' Park, etc.) but overall it's been worth my time even though Paul McCartney is washed up.

Music aside, does anyone else get peeved at multimillionaire artists without day jobs asking people like me, working overtime just to pay rent, to give money? I know many of them give money, but only so long as they can keep up their Ferrari payments.

edit: Necrolemming - I don't think the concert is expected to be an ultimate solution. It's just supposed to increase awareness while collecting some modest amount of money for support.


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actually, they specifically said they are not asking for money this time. just sign your name to their online petition. and while on the surface, it seems annoying that big name artists who make loads of money ask us to donate, but the truth is, most who do these kind of shows have already donated substantial amounts, like amounts larger than our annual salary or are losing (i.e. giving up) large amounts of money to do the free show in question.