OT:Is it me...or does there seem to be a Resurgence of players returning to D2/SP?


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OT:Is it me...or does there seem to be a Resurgence of players returning to D2/SP?

Hello All,

I check the forums several times a day and I've noticed many posts/threads that deal with people coming back to the D2 fold :)

I know I myself took the long way home (great Supertramp song lol) and D2 is a completely different experience for me with SP and ATMA & Flaive allowing me much greater freedom than before.

Do you think there's a common thread as to why we're all making our ways back?

For me the majority of time away was because I was working at WOW for a year and a half (a sarcastic way to say I was playing the game heh) along with minor stints of other games.

I picked up Sacred: Gold the month before Titan Quest was released and got myself back into the ARPG frame of mind. Discovered that I am a TRUE Loot Hound lol

Had a very fun time with Sacred, with the Gold version I had zero game issues that I'd read of some having at the beginning. TQ was/is a fun romp through a fantastic looking 3D ARPG world...I never had near the graphics issues that some had/have and it was a enjoyable time as well.

I'd been following the progress of Flagship Games's (Bill Roper & Co.) Hellgate:London...a game that's heart and soul has very deep roots in D2, with it nearing a beta (hopefully) I decided to return to the world that Roper and many others in the FSG crew helped create. And I've had a great time getting back into the game.

I'm amazed everytime I come to the forums by how much knowledge some people have here about D2 as well as a host of different subjects, and by how helpfull the community can be to players like me who need some suggestions and pointers in the right direction. (TY) :azn:

Truely a great place to be! :thumbsup:

So any thoughts...why are you here?

Or why did you come back the world of D2?

Inquiring minds want to know lol


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Well, I for one have been away from D2 for just over 4 months now, and probably will be for at least a few more, but that's mainly because I've been at Infantry Basic Training, heh, and then when I'm done with Airborne (in 8 days) I have to get all set up at my unit before I can start doing frivilous things like playing games ;) but I'm sure that I'll be back... they always come back... It's just plain too damn addicting.

I have never been able to accurately put my finger on the reason why nobody can ever leave, and why they ever come back, but for me, one of the main things has always been this community, ever since I stumbled upon it over 3 years ago, it's been a constant source of support for my helpless addiction. Another thing is that the game is just so simplistic that you can play it, have a ton of fun doing it, while doing other things and scarcely even paying attention.


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I agree with b_t.

The game is 'pick up and play' - able enough to where a newbie player can have a good time without getting too frustrated. And it has enough depth to allow the number-crunchers and perfectionists to have fun too. And, there are no character restrictions, if you want to turn a Barbarian into a necromancer, and have the funds to do it, you can.

It's a game for everyone.

Wolfgang Abenteuer

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D2 is like malaria - you never get rid of it, it just lays dormant and comes back to haunt you when you least expect it. :grin:

It'll continue to be my offline addiction (my online one currently being fulfilled by BF2142) until D3 comes out, methinks. I still play old console emus, but D2 is the true addiction.

I've been playing D2 since it first hit shelves. I'll quit here and there for a few months at a time, but the addictive gameplay, fellow forum members, and lure of elite uniques always brings me back.

Hellgate: London!!!! Heck yeah, that game looks sweet!


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I just thought there'd been a rust storm. :tongue: :grin:


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"rust storm" ... haven't heard that term in awhile.

My personal opinion is that:

- d2 is relatively easy on computer resources. You don't need a powerful computer to play d2 with satisfaction.

- d2 back in the heyday was a huge game and thus there is still quite a following - hence these forums.

- gameplay is relatively simple but still rewarding. Plus, you can play single player without having to get addicted to mmporg-type games that really suck you in with the comraderie. Plus, you don't have to pay to play single player per se.

- all these factors plus more allow people an easier way to reaccess d2 communities and interact with others while playing a game they love.


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I think we've seen a pretty steady stream of new SPers since B.net banned all of those CD keys. Everyone was expecting a ladder reset to follow, and when it didn't come, they decided to take a break from it until the next reset.

Return SPers tend to come back in clumps, partly because when one person goes back, they try to drag their friends with them. :grin:


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Hey thanks for all the replies guys/gals :)

And I agree, with what seems to be the common factor...it's FUN!

Everything else is Icing on the cake so to speak. I'm having a lot of fun digging deeper into the stats and different build possibilities, as well as "trying" to get to know alot of the acronyms I'm not familiar with...the names and stats of Items I've never seen lol (and many times never heard of heh)


Is there an Item Compendium (database list), text w/descriptions that's available to look over and help decide what items I think would be good for my build/s?

NOT looking for a hack or cheat...just a list of the Items available in the game(1.11)

I personally think that programs like ATMA & Flaive are playing a large roll in people giving SP a go. It sure did for me ;)

As well as the security factor of knowing that you'll always has access to your characters (no need to check in to BNet) is another reason I decided to go this route.

Again, TY for your thoughts...I'm VERY glad that I found my way back to D2 and that I have the opportunity to visit and learn from a truly great community! :thumbsup:

Regards & Good Hunting ALL :)


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@Rolland. The Arreat Summit is the official compendium of D2 information and includes a complete item list. Its www.battle.net/d2exp or something along those lines. Just go to battle.net and follow the diablo links if that address isn't right.

Also being a newly arrived SP'er, I'd have to say without ATMA I don't think I'd be playing single player. The ability to easily distribute wealth amongst characters (way easier and safer than Bnet) is incredible. And after coming back to D2 and playing Bnet for the last two months, I was basically playing by myself the whole time. I'd run keys most of the time and trade for runes that I didn't want to be duped but probably were. And trying to explain to people that you want their Mal or Gul, and not their Sur, Ber or other naughty rune got old fast. Especially since the Mal or Gul was 20% duped anyway. Throw in the community here and the fun of regular tournaments, I don't see how you could pass up the SPF. It's one of the only truly legit communities left, and I'd estimate the largest.

As far as returning to D2, I think we all know how that works. You go a couple months without it and then all the sudden you here the comforting yet alarming D2 voice..."what about a sorceress that punches things to death, yeah that'd be great!!" It activates the same neurons as heroine without all the messy side effects. Come to think of it intravenous D2 would be pretty sweet.....*looks for USB port on forearm*


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Rolland, that idea is something I have considered doing up a program for, but as most people here know, my projects at home don't generally get too finished up. I have most of an .d2s reader/writer but still have many issues with items heh. Also have a rune theoretical cuber (that inspired the one in Flavie I believe). But what you are mentioning is pretty feasible, since it is just reading the D2 data...

I will look into it and get back to you guys.


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Brak;4893603.....*looks for USB port on forearm*[/QUOTE said:
LOL (checks my own arms heh) That's all we need...a Borg & D2 mutated hybrid player :laugh:

"All your UM's are belonging to ME!"



Thanks man much appreciated...yea there are several sites that have lists it seems (to some degree at least), but I've been looking for something I can print off and browse through and study before bed lol

As I have done with just about every build and general FAQ that I find of intrest :wink3:

ATMA has the drop calculater that shows all the item names (if you select the right category) but no discriptions.

Would be really nice to have some sort of print out/list that included Item stats and such.

Thanks for the reply and do keep in touch!

Happy Hunting :afro:


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Hey have you seen Steve Dallas? & Beware the Closet of Anxieties! heh

Just playin'...nice sig, reminded me of my all time favorite comic strip (closely followed by Calvin & Hobbs heh)
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Great 'strip.