OT: Installing two different Diablo games


OT: Installing two different Diablo games

I have 2 different copies of the D2 game. For complicated reasons that aren't important right now I want to install them both on my comp. However, I have no idea how to force the game's disc to go into the setup menu and not the autorun menu where you're only option is "Play Diablo II" after you've installed the game (even from a different disc). I tried creating different users in Windows (XP) but I don't know how to isolate a program on an account so that other users can't see it.



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Run -> regedit
HKEYLOCALMACHINE / Software / Blizzard Entertainment / Diablo II
Delete "Program"

Install the second version.

You'll have to edit "save path" every time you want to switch between the two versions.


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I just changed the install directory of the first install from Diablo 2 ---> Diablo 2_A after it was finished installing (and getting patches).

then when you put the CD in it wants you to install it.



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Install, one version, and name the folder "diablo 7" as example.
Install, second version, name it "diablo II" as example.
Make a shortcut named like = C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe
When u want to play the other map, rename the diablo II file u was using before, to like "diablo 10" and name then "diablo 7" map to diablo II. click on shortcut. gratz, u passed the test.