OT: How i found my first IK Armor last night


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OT: How i found my first IK Armor last night

ok so i play all day doing tens of pindle runs and nothing , i also do pit runs a lil bit of meph a couple of baal runs and the result is absolutely zero.
its 1.10 am and im dead tired so i think one more run or two before i go to bed. First run he gives vedrungo's belt which i have 3 times already.ok...

Last run: i go in there tired borred to death not hoping for anything i start shooting meteors and fireballs while merc tanks him...he popps and theres like these worthless white items on the ground like super mana potion,pike, rare field plate and in the middle of them something green oh wait could it be? oh my it is it is.....SACRED ARMOR!!!!!! .... 3 seconds i was stunned couldnt believe my eyes ...4 th second i pushed printscreen (i save all my good finds ...its like a photo album - yes im wierd) 5th second i grrrrrrab it, make another screenie with it in my inventory, 6th to 122nd second i go to town take yet another screenie and keep watching it and drooling . Its still unidentified in my inventory : i want my barb to id it when hes gonna be ready to wear it with the rest of the set. Ohhhh yea babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :D :D :D


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Well done man!

Funny cos I finally found my first IK armor off Pindle about 3 hours ago.

Pindle is usually most unkind to me but tonight all those Pindle runs paid off.



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tl998 said:
Where is the best place to find an IK armor? Is it pindle? Hell Diablo/Baal? Pits?
pit. easy access, easy killing, hight area lvl (ilvl87 for ik armo). remember going there with some other players to increase the drops; so... increase the chances.


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lol *stunned*

That explains me when a little devilkin dropped IK armor in the Pit :) I sat there for a few seconds and my heart skipped a beat...


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calu said:
3 seconds i was stunned couldnt believe my eyes
hehe, nice one. U sound like me when i found my first storm. I've only been doing hell MF runs for 3 days, Never had a char that could do hell before :)




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You guys are sure lucky... I run all sorts of places... and lo and behold.. i see green ancient armour... lol... My hear skips a beat everytime i see that.. takes me awhile to realise it's not SACRED, but ANCIENT... lol... Mf'ing in the wee hours of the morning is bad for the heart.