OT: How about a good campfire story or two?

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OT: How about a good campfire story or two?

Don't know about you guys and gals, but I enjoy reading a good ghost/paranormal story now and then, so long as it's not just some stupid urban legend. I'm talking something that you, yourself, have experienced with otherworldly or weird phenomenon (the squid doesn't count, folks).

True, many of you probably don't believe in ghosts/spooks/spirits/whatever, but that's cool. To each his/her own.

Anyway, to kick this off, I'm going to share an experience I had, probably the coolest experience I've ever had in my 21 years of life. It also happens to be the most unbelievable experience, but I assure you, on my honor as this forum's bard, every word I'm about to share is true. This is REAL, folks.

Be warned, this is a LONG story, so be prepared.

It happened about 2 years ago, maybe a little less. It was a warm night, a nice night, around mid-fall. My friend and I were in college and we were working on doing a project for a video class (editing, special effects, demo reel stuff), and we were trying to think about something freakish/spooky to do with our reels.

She told me of a place near where she used to live in Tarpon Springs, Florida. The place is called Anclote Manor, in the small area called Anclote Key. We did a bit of research and found that it used to be an asylum for the not-so-sane, but that it'd been shut down just a few years previous (somewhere in the late 90's). We said, "Cool!", and we grabbed her cousin and another friend, loaded up in a white minivan (which I later dubbed, "The Mystery Machine"), and headed out there at night.

We showed up at about 9:00 on a Friday night. The lights outside the place were on, and a security guard was on duty in the front of the building. Upon further inspection, he was sound asleep in his golf cart. We parked our van around the back of the building, got out with a camera or two, and started walking the vacinity.

Now, yes, we knew that this was private property, and this was considered trespassing, but technically, there were no signs stating as much, so we decided we'd use that as our pathetic defense if we were caught.

We went along the outside, checking out the building and its grounds, and what massive grounds it was. The building itself looked VERY old, some parts even making us wonder how it'd survived standing this long.

After a little more walking, we came upon a lone marble tablet set back in the bushes. I'd brought a flashlight, and shined it upon the inscription. It was very worn, and it spoke of "thanks to our beloved mother". None of us knew what it meant; could've been a beneficiary to the hospital, or maybe a grave marker. Who knows.

That, my friends, is when we were caught. A light suddenly shone on the four of us standing there in the dark, and up rode the now-fully-awake security guard in his golf cart. We had 2 decisions at this point: 1) Run for it and probably get the cops called on us, or 2) Stay put and try to explain our way out of this. We chose the second option.

He asked us what we were doing out here. My friend and I spoke up and said we were doing a project for school and that we needed pictures and footage of old buildings for it. He said that there'd been a lot of vandals lately to the building who'd done graffitti, shot out windows with pellet-rifles, etc. We assured him that we weren't doing that, and oddly enough, he didn't question us any further, only warning us that if he were one of the other security officers for this place, they'd have called the police and THEN quesitoned us. We were grateful he hadn't.

To back ourselves up even more, I inquired about the building and its history. This guy knew his stuff. The place was built in the 1930's as a summer club for the rich and famous, and was the favorite place of gangster Al Capone. Later, in the 50's or 60's (I forget when exactly), it was turned into a country club. After that, in the late 80's-early 90's, it was then converted into the asylum which now stood, only to be closed down by the end of the decade.

We were dumbfounded that this guy knew so much and that he'd actually taken the time to tell us. We got the name of the property's current owner so we could ask him at a later date if we could take some pictures inside. He told us, wished us a good night (and told us not to be caught being sneeky again), and drove off in his cart.

Stupid us, we forgot to write the owner's name down, and my friend went running after the cart to find out. The three of us waited, and my colleague used the rest of her film taking more pictures of the balconies and windows of this creepy old place. There were several times where we thought we saw someone in one of the windows, and several times where a light was on in one of the rooms, but later, the light was off. The security guard had assured us that he was alone.

Suddenly, the friend came running back yelling for us. We met him and he said the guard had asked if we wanted a tour of the place.... now. After picking our mouths up off the ground, we of course said "hell yes", and caught up with the waiting guard.

He said he was bored, he was all alone on his shift all night until 7 in the morning with nothing to do and no one to talk to, and since we were using this for an educational project, he said he wouldn't mind taking us inside. Wow!!!!

And that's just what he did. We entered the building at 10:00 that night, and didn't come back out until about 12-1:00. He showed us the various corridors and rooms. Half the building was an add-on to the original and had electricity still running. The other half was far less advanced and didn't have many electrical devices hanging around.

The doors in each corridor electronically locked behind us with the guard having to use a key every couple of halls. A few times, we looked around and couldn't find the guy, afraid that we'd been locked inside this place, but he showed back up, having just been around the corner or something.

The rooms were pretty barren, but each still had the iron beds in them, all bolted to the floors. Most were rusty and decayed. We cursed ourselves that we'd used up all the film OUTSIDE this place.

Now, as I've said, many do not believe in spirits. Let me tell you, I do, and this place was chock full of them. It wasn't so much seeing them as it was feeling them. The hair on the backs of our necks was constantly up, with temperature fluctuations every now and again. We asked if anyone had died here, and he said that yes, several did, including some doctors (by their patients). In fact (and later, we read in archived newpaper clippings the same thing), many of the patients had escaped from the place, killed staff, etc. to get away from the place that was "mistreating their patients by cruel and unusual means". I started getting really edgy about this place, especially since I've seen a lot of movies about this crap. The fact that there were curious crimson stains on many of the carpets didn't help, either.

This is how it happens... 4 stupid teenagers are curious, get themselves too deep in something they don't understand, and then they're killed. I tried to ignore this fact as we moved along.

Deeper into the older sections of the place, we came across a ballroom that was elaborately constructed with french and victorian architecture. Beautiful stuff that had once served the well-to-do guests that came for a getaway.

The grounds also had a pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Finally, the last stop was the circular rooms. These were where the most dangerous of patients were held. In the center of a large round room, stood a nurses' station where all corresponding rooms could be monitored. Several rooms were stationed around this console, some with padding, some with barred windows. The sensations floating around this room were NOT pleasant at all, and we all became eager to leave.

He showed us one more circular ward, along with the room they did electroshock therapy in (more bad vibes), although the equipment had been taken out.

We passed a file room along the way, but it too had been emptied. Bummer, because I wanted to check some of the files about the staff and medical proceedures. No such luck.

There were two sections we didn't go in, though: the attic, or the basement. We wanted to, trust me, but he didn't have the keys for them. He even tried every key on his ring (because he said even HE was curious about them), but none worked. Curses!

Anyway, after what seemed an eternity, we came back outside. We thanked him over and over, and he said to come back again when he was on shift (he told us what days he worked), and he'd bring us back through again so we could take video footage and pictures.

Well, we did come back a month or so later, and sure enough, he was there. He recognized us as we drove up, but sadly, he said he couldn't let us in. Apparently, the vandalism had gotten so bad that police now regularly patrolled the place. We were disappointed, but we'd seen more than we'd ever expected.

Unfortunately, something happened to the place. Apparently, someone bought the property and decided to make it something else. We went back there just a month ago, and the whole place was bulldozed to the ground. I was shocked that such beauty and mystery could be destroyed so callously. Apparently, it's to become a golf resort. Stupid people.

Anyway, so there you have it. As for the project, we never got to use the stuff, because the teacher changed his mind about what he wanted us to do. In addition, it was so dark outside that even the pictures she did take didn't turn out very well.

So now, all we have left of it is the memory. But what a memory; certainly one I couldn't forget if I tried. I mean, who has a chance to do something like this? Ever??

I consider myself lucky that I could experience something so intriguing. Yes, it was frightening, but I live for stuff like that. That's partially why I created this thread.

So please share something that's happened to you. I hope that you found this interesting.


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Guess what, folks? I didn't take all the time to recollect and type this just to hear my fingers go clickety-clackity. I realize it's a long post, but... *shakes his head* Respond, people.

Anyway, without further ado...



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That's a really interesting story, you guys were real lucky to have such and opportunity.

Thanks for sharing :)


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Well I have never seen or heard or even felt ghosts or spirits before but I do have a strange ability that happens every so often. I will be able to have a dream of somethign small say "i'm sitting at the dinner table when the cat jumps up and knocks the salt over" then some time later or possibly even the next morning the same exact situation will happen in perfect detail to which I have dreamt. At first I feel as if I have seen this before then I remember I had a dream about it and it freaks me out.


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I also experience a few deja vu situations, about once a month or so. Only two really strange incidences happened to me, however.

The first isn't scary, it's just wierd. I was having dinner with my (now ex) girlfriend 3 years ago. It was just before I went off to college. We'd known each other for four or five months and only been dating for three. She told me she'd been having a recurring dream and described it to me. As I listened to her story, I realized she was describing, in detail, a story I had written a year earlier. I told her this and she didn't believe me. I showed her a hard copy of the story a week or so later and she was shocked, didn't know what to think. And then...another few weeks passes by and I tell this to one of my high school buddies. He says it's strange, because he also wrote a story that almost exactly followed the same plot mine did 3 years before I wrote mine. Quite strange. Even better, it's the story where I introduce Sativola and his brother (somewhat my alter ego) Vildecor.

The kinda spooky experience happened my freshman year in high school. I was at a friend's house with about a total of ten or so people there. We brought out a ouija board because two of my good friends were really into that kinda stuff. They'd told us all kinds of crazy things that'd happened to them before....like the pointer thing lifting into the air and moving over a candle, lights suddenly turning off, etc. Anyway, I tried it a couple of times that night, it had only moved once, but it wasn't spelling out anything...at least anything in English. The wierd thing was, as this was happening, I glanced at my arm when I saw something happening to it. I watched as a thin, long cut started to appear on my arm, like something invisible was dragging a needle or something across my skin. That's about the only spook experience I had.

I'm still upset though...I wanna see a ghost. The ex I mentioned had to wear blindfold things to sleep because she could see things, e.g. the dead elderly couple that lived in her house a while ago and some other malevolent force. Once she told me she felt the latter in the room...and I did really feel something and almost did see something. Probably was concentrating too hard. Dunno.

But yeah, very exciting experience, Kung Poo. I would've loved to have been there!


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Couvi said:
Well I have never seen or heard or even felt ghosts or spirits before but I do have a strange ability that happens every so often. I will be able to have a dream of somethign small say "i'm sitting at the dinner table when the cat jumps up and knocks the salt over" then some time later or possibly even the next morning the same exact situation will happen in perfect detail to which I have dreamt. At first I feel as if I have seen this before then I remember I had a dream about it and it freaks me out.
That happens to me too. Sometimes few times per month. But it is not the next morning. And I don't know if those things happen in dreams first or where, but it is strange feeling when you can tell beforehand every word other people are going to tell, if phone will ring after 10 seconds and stuff like that. I don't know how it is possible or why does it happen but I think it is interesting. And I never remember I have had a dream about that same thing...


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grr deja vu is not fun. i have it too from time to time atleast i dont have it like my granma who could know the streetnames of a city she never been too before

thats scary
you should make a movie out of it kung poo, but dont forget that they hear starnge noises, btu see nothing, and they find the key for the basement, and they let out some ghosts by mistake, then get locked in seperate parts of the building and all get brutually hacked to deth by some mysterious force. kinda witch blair, but in a asylum.
i'd watch it.

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farting bob said:
you should make a movie out of it kung poo, but dont forget that they hear starnge noises, btu see nothing, and they find the key for the basement, and they let out some ghosts by mistake, then get locked in seperate parts of the building and all get brutually hacked to deth by some mysterious force. kinda witch blair, but in a asylum.
i'd watch it.
Actually, that movie already exists, man. It's called House on Haunted Hill. Go see it sometime if you haven't already.

Never tried the ouija board myself, and I doubt I ever would. Opening a "gateway" of sorts to spirits is just asking for trouble, IMHO. Of course, so is walking into an abandoned asylum in the dead of night, but... What can I say, I think this stuff is fascinating.
I've gotten deja vu before, but it's often not until the event happens that I'll remember that I've experienced the situation before; it's really weird. Other times I'll get a "vision" so to speak, and not think anything about it until it happens some time later.


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I've had a pretty tame ghostly experience, but it still freaked me out. Must have been because I was nine, and pretty much anything freaked me out ... Anyway, this is it.

This was during the Grade five school camp. (of course, all school camps are haunted!) The cabins were arranged in alphabetical order, and since my last name is Witham I was in the one at the end of the row, a good fifty metres from the other cabins. Our cabin was mostly empty, with only me, a friend named Daniel, and a couple of others who I can't even remember. We all, of course, took top bunks.

On the second night, we had a stories-around-the-campfire night, where the owner of the camp told us of the 'frightening history' of the area. He said that eighty years ago, before the camp was built, a mad farmer lived in a house that was built right here, where the campfire is now. (Which was true, at least the house bit, as you could still see the foundations). The farmer had a peculiar way of getting his jollies; he'd buy a dog, raise it until it was fully grown, then shoot it. Just for the hell of it. Then one day, the man bit off more that he could chew, and tried to kill a blue heeler with one bullet. The bullet blew off one of the heelers legs, but didn't kill it. The heeler ripped his throat out, then bled to death.

We all laughed our butts off, as you would, then told some more stories which got steadily worse (something about a slime beast in the lake?). Then it was time for bed. The four of us walked to our cabin, and we each took a top bunk. Mine was right next to the only window in the place, and I spent a good deal of time looking through it. I can never sleep. About two that morning, everybody started to hear a dog barking. The weird part was, it sounded like it was inside the cabin. Suddenly a pale light lit up the wall, and the shadow of a dog was visible. A gunshot exploded somewhere very close, which scared the living bejeezus out of all of us, then the dog-shadow-thing disappeared, and the light faded. We all spent ten-odd minutes being scared, then another ten minutes laughing at each other for being scared, then I rolled over to go back to sleep.

Now, this is the weirdest part. There was a bullet hole in the window, and whats more the edges of the hole had turned brown with age. It wasn't there twenty minutes ago.