OT: Haloween in Community

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OT: Haloween in Community

Since tomorrow is Haloween, I'm thinking up a bit of fun for us all :grin:

Today and Tomorrow are declared as a free for all Assassin days.

Rules: None, except to stay alive.

Use the Kill phrase "In the end there can be only one!" without quotes to make a kill attempt.

Lets see who can post all day and stay alive.

No kill on kill attempts.
There is no holy ground except this thread and the stickies, no daggers, no traps.

Anyone and everyone (posting in this forum) may play and is a valid target.

Post kills in the OT thread.

Edit: Kill attempts valid as of this moment forward.


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Sorry folks, but one person has all ready demonstrated how terrible an idea this is, so I'm going to have to say "No thanks" to these rules as they are too disruptive.
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