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Hehe, I like 3D Pong...except when the ball starts moving too fast and bounces around like mad, and of course the computer has near perfect mouse-eye coordination!!!!!
has anybody beaten the computer at 3D pong? ive tied many times and have been within a few balls of vitory, but never won. and that hedge game, i got 24ft but it went of screen after that so i couldnt see the top so it was all out of control then.


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Puff, took me some hours, but finally:

20000 in Grow
31.2 feet in The Applethree thing :D
4241 points in Copter
and i suck at pong!!


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You'll notice in pong that the computer gets more points (2x?) than you for a win, so it can be VERY difficult to beat it... :grrr:

I only ever beat the computers once, but that was when my virus scanner was running, so the ball was moving pretty slowly :lol:



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Well, 6700 points for my first game...

...must play again!