OT: For those who read the Blizzard novels


Oh, I didn't know Richard A. Knaak was the author of the Diablo (and Warcraft!) books. I'd read a few of his stories/novels in the Dragonlance series and he's pretty good. Might definitely consider reading the Blizzard fiction (but then again, where will I find the books?)

By the way, according to what Knaak stresses, D3 will eventually be released! I wish it happens in less than 15 years :shocked:


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He writes some of them, but not all. I think the books are available at the Blizzard store, and also in most bookstores (or they can order them). There are quite a few by now--several for each game series, and even some Manga stuff.



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I like the hints toward diablo3. I look forward to seeing it before I start collecting retirement checks.. Maybe I will pick up a book or two. I like
the game series and I loooove to read. :nerd: Thanks for link jude.