OT: Durf blame counter


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OT: Durf blame counter

Search -> Blame Durf

I got 51 topics :D

So Durf must be the most hated person in SPF!


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And that's just since the forum crash... :)

He's not hated, he's loved - after all, if we couldn't blame stuff on Durf, we'd have to find the person(s) actually responsible!


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and how many of those 'blame Durfs' came from the 'Story with a Twist" thread...:uhhuh:


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Did you just check the SPF? You might wanna hop over to the OT Forum and count those as well. And other forums...
id say half of all threads in SPF and OT have some durf balming in them at some point :lol::lol:
overall, theres probably more post that balme durf for stuff than posts made by durf..