OT: Diablo Vs Kefka

why was kefka seeded 1 and diablo only 7 out of 8???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :p


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Well, you know, Kefka was a horrible, horrible villain. I think the fact that he was human makes his actions more terrifying than those of Diablo.

That and the fact that Final Fantasy has a LOT of fanboys on gamefaqs.



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Well since I am play d2 alot more I would have to say, Diablo. I did play ff from way back when it just came out and well. Even tho the grapfics got better and all its preatty much the same old thing. I stoped after ff tatics. Because of that. Other then that its only good for one thing only, putting me to sleep.

Since i just vote right now.

diablo 54.13%

Kaka 45.87%

Kinda close


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Voted for Kefka sorry. Other than Link to the Past, FFVI(the only good FF) is my favorite game. Besides Diablo is hardly a Villian, he doesn't even get his hands dirty until you smash your way to him. Really all Diablo did was get as far away as he could and made lesser Demons gaurd his path and protect him. Is hiding really that villianous?
he isn't hiding... after he's been beathen beneath the town of tristam he posses the mind of the adventure who killed him. Then with diablos soul piercing his brain the advanture sets off to find Diablos younger brother Ball, who has been sealed inside tal rashas body to protect the world against him. Tyreal tries to stop him, but with the help of Marius, Baal and Diablo somehow manage to overpower Tyreal, (even though I think that part i a bit fake, since both baal and diablo is weekened at that time), and traps him, guarded by duriel. Then Diablo and Baal manages to find Mephisto the older brother of the three prime evils and together they make a plan, where Diablo has to create some kind of diversion in hell, while Baal takes control of the World-stone, the mother of all soul-stones. After Diablo has got killed and then afterwards again you kill Baal, you get told by Tyreal that you have to smash the World-stone, because Baal has touched it or something... Well that's pretty much it, :) or how I understood it. :p Beside I think that Tyreal is the real prime evil, to be honest, he couldn't beat a demon in a mages body, that you can beat in a couple of seconds with a smiter?? Come on he's an ARCHANGEL!!!! And a corrupted one I'd say. :p


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Is it just me or did diablo beat kaka any ways? Did diablo leave a big a stink behind in that match?