OT: Cooless music in a game


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OT: Cooless music in a game

Well the title says it all. Just post some music that you find cool that is in a game. This can be any game either PC or console, old or new whatever.

Me personnaly I would have to say the music from ChronoTrigger would be the best overall in any game I've played but especially the song that plays when you fight Magus for the first time in 600AD. My second place goes to the music in the cave levels from D1. Ah the good old days.

Post some of your choices now.


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I love the tristram music from D1. Just thinking of it makes you want to go back and play it..........


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Current favorite is the Palace Track from D2...but I'm a sucker for Middle Eastern music, too, so that might have something to do with it.

It's been kind of difficult to go through the games I've played and try not to count all the games that had midimusic (gag me with a gossamer spork).



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Just about any, really. Music in games is typically really quite good (I seem to remember a few people here having game soundtracks on their playlists, in fact).

Amusingly D2's music is amongst that which I like the least (little to no variety in it, for one thing), so that may explain why many people listen to other music while playing :)

I'm quite fond of the music in the Final Fantasy games (7-10, haven't yet had chance to play the previous or following games). Some of the music in NWN is pretty good too, although many of the battles tend to last an insufficient length of time for the 'battle' music to get far (unless I pause of course).


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Hmm, I don't think I've ever heard good music in a game, except when I've put it there myself...

Only exceptions being Nascar 2, where there's George Thorogood & Stevie Ray Vaughan's songs, and NHL 200X, can't remember which one, the one with Queens of the Stone Age anyway :)

I turn all music off from each and every game after listening to the music for one gaming session, or if it's constantly the same which makes me turn it off immediately. For some games I already know that it's going to suck big time, so for those I always turn it off immediately after installing the game.

120Gb of music on my hard drive, that's 4 months of non-stop music in my winamp playlist. I really don't have to worry about having to listen to the same songs all the time when it's set to random play :D


In D2 LoD the best That I like are Kurast Docks an Harrogath.

Overall best music in games I've met was in Zork Nemesis earth section. The gothicness of the section and the music was well balanced.

The most annoying was elevator muzac in System Shock.

Yours: Topi


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There is a band called the Minibosses that redid a whole bunch of old game themes like metroid and Wizards and Warriors. After I checked out there site, it seems they took down the links to the songs because they want to sell their cd's instead of just having them for download. Search them up on Kazaa though for some good covers

My favourite music would probably be the music in the Impressions city builder series. Pharoah and Emperor have some really REALLY nice tracks in them. Cheers!


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Shalakshmiyin said:
Current favorite is the Palace Track from D2...but I'm a sucker for Middle Eastern music, too, so that might have something to do with it.

i second that i love that music, sometimes i leave the title screen on and it plays and i wish that i was able to edit the music choices

and by far the best music in a game is the music from final fanstasy seven
by far the best, espcialy since they orchistrated it too. talk about sweet


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I really like the music in NWN when you're in the Hall of Justice or another temple of Tyr. It's very serene and relaxing. The battle music is nice, but I agree with Shade in that it tends to run way longer then a most battles.


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Hmmm.... my topic :D

Of course the Tristram theme from D1. Also, Monkey Island - very catchy. Oh, and another very honorable mention: Turrican (for amiga). Chris Hülsbeck did a great job on the music. My friend had an amiga when he was about 7 (lucky bastard :p), and we sometimes played Turrican. Many years later, when I first stumbled across an amiga emulator, I spent much time on finding that game again. I had forgotten its name, let alone what it was about. It was that great music I still remembered.


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Spook_Cell said:
Me personnaly I would have to say the music from ChronoTrigger would be the best overall in any game I've played but especially the song that plays when you fight Magus for the first time in 600AD.
I agree. I've been humming it since I defeated him 2 days ago. Also, his castle as the most spooky-ish atmospheric sound effect. I love him! :worship:

Also, Razor~Ub from the original UT. That song kick some serious arse. It puts you on the edge of things at all time. Especially with those nasty godlike bots running around everywhere with sniper rifles. :lol:


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Need for Speed 3, has an awsome soundtrack gets your blood pumping when you playing Hot Pursuit being chased by cops and racing your opponent at the same time.

As far as Diablo, Act 4 music hands down , real sinister stuff ;)
Some of Act 5 is ok.


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I normally play my own music, Metallica or something, when I'm playing D2 since I really dont like the music in game... as for other games, the best music is in Final Fantasy games for sure, and of course GTA Vice City, which has some great radio stations to listen too :)


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I like the Tristram theme from D2, the lute sounds or whatever it is makes me think The Godfather. TZelda series has great music, and the Golden Sun series on GBA has the best music I've heard on a handheld hands down.


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My favorite music in a game has to be either Illusion of Gaia or Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I still listen to them after all these years. :D


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I have a couple of favourites:

D2: Harem and Palace Cellar
D1: level 9-12 (the feeling of dread I felt the first time here...yikes!)
Monkey Island (almost all of it): groovy reggae stuff
Planescape Torment: the serene music inside Fall-from-Grace´s brothel


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I like the D2 music a lot myself. I also like the music in X2: The Threat, for pretty much the same reason--it matches the game's atmosphere very closely (which is X2 is a kind of dreamier, slower pace than Diablo).


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does anyone remember an arcade game called Xevious?

You flew a ship over landscape, dropping bombs on alien targets while avoiding flying enemies. Both the effects and background music were superbly put together for the game. When you hit a flying metal shield w your bullet, it actually went plink, plink.