OT: Cool Barb names...post urs here.


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OT: Cool Barb names...post urs here.

Hey, looking for a cool PvP barb name for my BvC build I'm going to make.

I like things that fit into the "Mr.fuzzypants was slain by" xxxxx thing, but any others are good. Also, if u have a good name on em, post it here.


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tHeOnEanDOnly? or somthing like that?

I've seen you online.

Also, wat's that frikin club with enchant on it?


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Mines so far:

HowAreYou (IK set WW barb)
InsertCoin (WW barb)
Farturas* (Frenzy barb)

* Farturas are a traditional portuguese doughnut (sort of).


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<----The only barb name I am willing to tell you that I actly use.

farturas even tho its only a doughnut sounds like the best so far.
Second is Iron.

That was just my opinion.

Emerald Dragon

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I got 2 barbs right now.

Fleet_Foot, my super fast run/walk barb. (Runs a little faster than arrows)

And my new PvM ww barb, Death-Spinner.

I really wanted to make a name with death or doom in it.

Tried Death-Dealer, Death_Dealer, Doom-Bringer, Doom_Bringer, you get the idea. Even Reaper or Reaver were taken as tags for death and doom.

So I googled up some name generators, got side tracked for 3 hours. I highly reccomend this site. http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/namegen/ . You will find it nearly impossible to resist sitting there trying all the different generators.

I like 3 generators the most out of all of them.

The Third Grade Insult generator is hilarious. God I love that one. My name was Lieutenant Freaky A. Poopypants, while 2 of my friends were Lieutenant Rectal C. McStinkybutt and Lieutenant Penis D. Ding-Dong. LOL!!

I also like the dragon name (Mines Itrenor the Bringer-of-Flames *Yellow Dragon*) and Kitten name generators. (Mines Mister Tubbybottom).

On another site, there was a random insult generator, and one of them was so funny. Funtblomph. LOL I was gonna forget about a serious name and go with that.

Slayer FuntBlomph. Sounds deadly.


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My barb is called Neurofuzzy, from the combination of two artificial intelligence techniques (neural nets and fuzzy sets). :lol:


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All or most of my chars are named with something Fiery or Fury something. My barb is named BladeFiery which sounds quite cool.


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My future WW barb-now mule's name is FrothyRage. I looked around for a serious name but couldn't find anything cool enough so in all likelihood I will stick with FrothyRage.


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i've had Severed, DieFag, and AllOutWar

i have a couple other cool names on other classes such as lies, Rumors, Often, Veganism, AnimalRights,New_Jersey, Eugenics, Loathe, Tacklebox and Cliche_Guevara