OT: Comic Con


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So I wanted to start a comic con thread, and see how this goes, I know that I'm not the only 'geek' like person here :p The idea is just to chat about cons in general. Are you going to any? Any news on speakers or stalls? Exclusives? Meeting up? Questions? Etc etc!

I am going to Glasgow Comic Con this year, my first con because I've always felt awkward about going alone, but now I don't care and hope to travel to some others. If anybody else is going (or to other cons) then give me a shout.

Has anybody been to a con before? Tell us what it was like!


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Never been to a Comic Con -event, but have almost been to Glasgow Comic Con! Theoretically, I was inside the building, but the line to get tickets was so long that I probably could have finished a 99 Sept in D2 before getting my tickets, so I didn't even bother going in.

Might actually go one of these years, although I'm not exactly fond of spaces full of people... Just need to get tickets beforehand.


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Haha, I bought a ticket in advance for that reason... Depending on the guests, you might then be waiting inside too :p